Month: November 2009

Find Your Inner Mozart at Active Adult Communities

In active adult communities across the country, retirees are learning that it is never too late to start music lessons. In fact, retirement can be an ideal time to renew an interest in a long-forgotten instrument or pick up an entirely new musical skill.

How Retirees can Now Benefit from the Home Buyer Tax Credit

The home buyer tax credit is a chance to financially augment retirement living with a new home and lower taxes. The first and most clear way to benefit from the new home buyer tax credit is the $6,500.00 check that could be paid to home buyers by the Department of the Treasury if the property is indentured by April 30, 2010.

Why More Retirees are Choosing to Live in Urban Areas

Whether dreams include a beach, mountain or desert retirement, chances are there is an active adult community ready to cater to that dream. Yet there are a number of retirees who would prefer to spend their retirement years in more urban environments.

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