Month: May 2010

Coupon Clipping Means Big Savings for the Savy Shopper

Clipping coupons have long been a way for thrifty shoppers to stretch a buck. Coupon codes provide savings during online shopping, and printable coupons can be brought to stores. Shoppers can even join coupon exchange clubs where they can clip and trade unwanted coupons for ones that they will use.

Where to Retire in the American Southwest

The American Southwest, with its temperate climate and beautiful vistas, is one of the country’s most popular retirement destinations. Here is a look at just a few of the spectacular active adult communities found in the American Southwest.

Cultivate a Community Garden in Your Active Adult Community

With their flowering plants, bountiful crops, and lush natural beauty, community gardens are becoming an increasingly desired amenity in today’s green-minded Community gardens and pocket parks are popping up throughout urban centers and can be found nestled in the common areas of suburban neighborhoods. Some active adult communities have also embraced the community garden, giving residents an opportunity to harvest a variety of benefits.

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