Month: September 2010

Thrifty Travel Tips for Retirees

A fixed income doesn’t have to mean the end of retirement travel adventures. By following a few simple tips, savvy travelers can make the most of money-saving opportunities. If you are looking for a way to see the world on a tight budget, while still getting the most for your money, consider the following thrifty travel tips.

Living On Top of The World in Ocala, Florida

Florida has long been a favorite hotspot for active adults and retirees. Among these, On Top of the World shines as a jewel of Ocala. The community, which welcomes 55+ residents, will offer 10,000 finely crafted homes upon completion, surrounded by a full range of world-class amenities and a prime central Florida location.

Active Adults Parenting a Second Time Around

Whether it’s for a temporary or extended period of time, recent studies show a rising trend among active adults who are raising their grandkids. In coping with the problems that face their families, many active adults find themselves thrust back into a parenting role, but this time for the care of their grandchildren.

5 Great Florida Communities for Younger Retirees

Many active adults of all ages dream of a Florida retirement. We’re rounded up five Florida active lifestyle communities perfect for younger retirees who want to enjoy the amenities and benefits of an active adult community in Florida. From Orlando to Naples, which community will you call home?

5 Ways to Make Money Last During Retirement

Thrifty living is often associated with retirement. For those who are preparing for retirement, or who have already retired, thrifty living tips are essential. Fortunately, learning to make money last during retirement will be easier once you discover a few tricks for getting more bang for your bucks.

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