Month: November 2012

The Evolution of Retirement Trends

They say the only constant is change, and–just as Dylan sang in the mid-60s–times they are a-changin’. When it comes to retirement, that means a lifestyle that has come a long way from trading a successful career for a quiet life of shuffleboard by the beach.

How Much Monthly Income Do You Need During Retirement?

Creating, and sticking to, a well-planned budget can help you ease potential stress over financial concerns.  Soon-to-be retirees often wonder how much they need to save if they want to live comfortably in retirement. There’s no single answer to this question, yet most retirees will find that careful planning will let them live on a …

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The Appeal of Tucson: Southern Arizona’s Retirement Hot Spot

Modern active adult communities may have gotten their start in Phoenix, but Southern Arizona has become a retirement hot spot. Although Tucson is growing, the city has retained its cultural flavor and historic flair. Area active adult communities share that regional design with a mix of Southwest Mission and modern architectural influences.

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