Month: November 2016

Best Communities If You Love Movies

If you prefer a movie marathon to running a marathon, then there is an active adult community for you. Some of the best active adult communities offer amenities that cater to movie lovers by offering movie nights, film clubs, and on-site theaters. From large communities offering state-of-the-art movie theaters with sound systems to smaller neighborhoods with media rooms and big screen TVs, these active adult communities are bringing dozens of residents together who love the silver screen.

6 Low-Maintenance Pets

Many pets can be too high-maintenance for retirees. For those who don’t want to deal with the constant upkeep of high-maintenance pets, there are several easier options to choose from. Discover six great low-maintenance pets perfect for retirees.

What Do Active Adults Love About Their Communities?

What makes your active adult community the best in the country? We wanted to know, so we asked active adults all over the country to tell us why they love their 55+ community –– and as an added incentive, one of the respondents won a brand new tablet!

20 of the Most Active Communities of 2016

Many retirees are looking for retirement communities that provide them opportunities to stay active during their retirement. From indoor fitness centers to pools, to social clubs, these communities have a lot to offer. Discover’s list of the 20 most active communities.

How to Live Frugally in Retirement

Learning to live frugally does not mean giving up the things you enjoy, especially during your retirement years. Start with your budget and go from there. Discover all the ways that can help you save money without sacrificing too much.

Communities with the Coolest Clubs

With countless resort-style amenities, abundant social clubs, and the assistance of onsite activity directors, there’s never a dull moment in these vibrant communities. See for which communities have the coolest clubs.

Is Condo Living for You?

Condo living is a great option for a more carefree lifestyle but it is not for everyone. Check out to see if the condo lifestyle is for you.

The Adult Gap Year: What Is It and Should You Take One?

Traditionally taken by many young adults, a gap year is considered to be the year taken between high school and college. It gives them time to reflect on their lives, thus far, and decide on the direction they hope it will take. Whether traveling across the country, abroad, or merely relaxing, this time helps them gain perspective on their lives and offers time to decide what to do with the rest of their life.

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