Month: December 2017

Study: Retirees Move in Order to Downsize, Reduce Expenses

Two in five Americans will move when they retire, while 43% would prefer to move if they could. Understanding the desires of the coming group of retirees and how they will affect the housing market is key to the future of 55-plus communities. Visit to learn about the study’s findings.

Great Part-time Jobs for Active Adults in 2018

Many recent retirees find that after a few years of life at home, they have too much free time on their hands, leading them to take on part-time work. Visit to read about some great part-time job opportunities for active adults in 2018.

Holiday Crafting Ideas for Active Adults

For many, stringing popcorn garlands, hanging wreaths, and making homemade ornaments and decorations are the sort of timeless crafting traditions that announce the arrival of the holiday season. Visit to read about some great holiday crafting ideas for active adults.

Community Roundup: Williamsburg

Of all the regions that claim to be “rich with history”, few can compete with the Williamsburg Area of Eastern Virginia. Visit to read about the active adult communities in the Williamsburg area.

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