Month: February 2022

How Big of a Backyard Should I Get in a 55+ Community?

As you age gracefully, you want to live well and enjoy the good life. And that may entail moving to the best 55+ community home with excellent amenities like a sizeable backyard. If you’re not sure how big your backyard needs to be, don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered.

Moving to Melbourne? Here’s Everything Retirees Need to Know

Located along the Space Coast area, Melbourne is just 40 minutes south of Cape Canaveral, home of the Kennedy Space Center. The city attracts active adults, snowbirds, and retirees for a number of reasons, including amiable weather, abundant outdoor recreation, and an affordable cost of living.

Moving to Philadelphia? Here’s Everything Retirees Need to Know

Should you move to Philadelphia? It makes sense to consider the major pros and cons, seasonal weather, taxes, and other important factors. You can then compare this information to other locales, and make an informed decision before you start scouting out the active adult communities in the area.

Moving to Fort Myers? Here’s Everything Retirees Need to Know

People are moving to Fort Myers and retiring in the area because of great health care, year-round golf, and a relatively low cost of living. The weather is generally warm, and there are impressive opportunities for dining, entertainment, and recreation. When you decide you’re ready to make the move, here’s everything you need to know.

Moving to Phoenix? Here’s Everything Retirees Need to Know

Retirees love moving to Phoenix for its 300+ days of sunshine, its outdoor lifestyle, and its laid-back southwestern vibe and culture. It’s also a city that has a large number of 55+ active adult retirement communities. There are pros and cons in moving to Phoenix, though, and it’s important to take those into account.

Moving to Charlotte? Here’s Everything Retirees Need to Know

Charlotte offers all the perks of living in a big city without feeling like you live in a big city, with its lengthy list of cultural amenities, exciting entertainment options, and wealth of shopping and dining destinations. Here’s what you need to know if you plan to retire in Charlotte, NC.

Moving to Orlando? Here’s Everything Retirees Need to Know

What’s so special about living in Orlando? People retire here because of the warm weather, abundance of entertainment and recreational opportunities, and relatively low cost of living compared to other east coast cities. If you’re thinking about moving to Orlando, here are a few things to know.

Moving To LA? Here’s Everything Retirees Need To Know

Los Angeles is an alluring and vibrant city, home to a whopping four million residents and host to thousands of sun-seeking vacationers every year. With so many attractions and near-perfect weather, it’s no wonder LA is such an in-demand destination. But what is it like for active adults living in LA?

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