Month: February 2023

Women talking and laughing while sitting outside in their 55+ community.

How Important Is the 55+ Age Restriction to You?

Living in an age-restricted community is often new to active adults moving into a 55+ neighborhood. There are plenty of benefits to living exclusively among your generational peers, and also perhaps a few challenges. Let’s take a look at what it means to live in an age-restricted community, and whether it’s important enough to you as you begin or continue your search for a new home.

A happy woman petting her dog in the park at her 55+ community

The Best 55+ Communities for Pet Lovers

One of the first questions many retirees ask before making their move is if the active adult community is pet friendly.While many age-restricted communities have different rules when it comes to pets, retirees are sure to find the ideal 55+ community that caters to pet lovers.

Renting vs. Buying in Retirement: Which Is Right for You?

The rent vs. buy debate has long been argued. But for those in retirement, the dilemma deepens. Sure, homeownership offers stable, reliable payments (great for that fixed income) and the ability to customize your property as you choose, but renting offers perks too. So, how do you choose?

How to Downsize (After Living in Your Home for Decades)

Downsizing a home can have many benefits. For some homeowners who no longer want a lot of space, it means less to clean and take care of. For those who plan to travel in retirement, it can mean purchasing a smaller, more affordable home. Here’s what homebuyers need to know about downsizing.

A group of mature friends sitting around a campfire in their 55+ community.

Can I Live in a 55+ Community?

Whether you can live in a 55+ community depends on several factors, and there are both advantages and disadvantages. Some active adult communities have stricter regulations than others, and it certainly isn’t a case of one size fits all.

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