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Adi Kol has established himself as a marketing expert with a proven track record of hands-on creative problem solving. His military service, law degree, and technological background have contributed to his professional skill sets, recognition and success. Adi uses his interpersonal skills, negotiation expertise and business development experience to create tailored marketing strategies, making certain his clients' homes are sold efficiently. Adi's service philosophy focuses on understanding the client's needs, providing the most current and relevant information and delivering the best possible service while consistently exceeding expectations. Passionate about living the Florida lifestyle, Adi's goal is to ensure his clients find their perfect home in beautiful South Florida.

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Jeremy H.
If we could give ten stars to Adi Kol, we would.  
We recently concluded a purchase of a condo for my mom and sister.  Although I was born and raised in South Florida, we live out of state and found Adi through  

Over the years, we have bought and sold properties and have worked with several different realtors in different locales.  Adi is the best.  He is everything you'd want in a real estate broker.  He is extremely attentive and works very hard on your behalf.  Responses to our emails would be promptly returned, whether on a Friday night or over the weekend.  Adi reminded me of an old Miami commercial that used to run in the 70's about a lawyer who worked nights and weekends for his clients.  The voiceover would say, "Is that a light in David Singer's office -- again?!"  Adi was the same.  I would check email late on a Friday evening or early morning on a weekend, and to my amazement, Adi would have promptly responded to a question. He was as attentive as if our transaction were a ten million dollar purchase.

Adi is not only attentive, he's also extremely diligent.  Because we live out of state, we scoured the internet for prospective condos, looking at well over 100 options.  Adi patiently narrowed our list and then led personal tours over zoom for my mom and sister to view the finalists.  Adi was patient, kind, and answered all our (and their) questions and concerns.  Sometimes you encounter a fade-away of attention as the real estate process nears a transaction.  Not Adi.  His level of care and service was maintained all the way through closing.  

Adi is also a lawyer and very helpful in the details of contract interpretation and negotiation.  He was clear-eyed about what could be negotiated and was successful in hammering out favorable terms on our behalf.  What's more, Adi has an inspector's shrewd eye for construction and building integrity -- an invaluable skill in a realtor.  And he has considerable knowledge and experience with homeowner's associations and condo boards.  This was extremely helpful for us in navigating the approval process.  

When you work on a real estate transaction, you spend a lot of time with your broker, whether on the phone, online or face-to-face.  Over the years, some of our very best friends started out as our realtors.  Adi is a kind, patient, amiable person with a sense of humor.  He is also a man of integrity.  We trusted him to look after my mom and sister's best interests, and he never let us down.  And Adi was just a pleasure to work with.  We consider him a friend, and on our next trip to Florida, we will be taking Adi for a meal!

We cannot recommend Adi Kol highly enough!!! 
September 25, 2020
Gus B.
Adi was great throughout the entire process!
Always easily accessible and very honest!
Highly recommend him! Great professional to work with.
July 3, 2020
Roberta G.
What a pleasure it is working with Adi. He is professional, honest and determined to be of service to those fortunate to be his clients.
February 22, 2020