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Although a native of New York, Patricia began her real estate career in 2001 on the West coast. Her decision to return to the East coast was motivated by previous visits to the Asheville-Hendersonville Area where she experienced a wonderful quality of life which she loves sharing with clients. As a successful Realtor, coach, writer, and speaker, Pat has distinguished herself as an excellent communicator, advisor, and guide to creating ease in moving through important transactions and processes which are skills that she brings to her real estate business. Pat loves the art of finding the perfect fit for her buyers and the best and highest price for her sellers. She focuses on being open and respectful of all questions, available, and committed to timely follow-up is her mode of operation. Her interests are endless; she is a grandma and can often be found on the pickleball court, volunteering, practicing yoga, writing, hiking, traveling, or social ballroom dancing.

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Daryl S.
I have moved many times, and no one has ever made it this much fun! Pat's special skills at listening and coaching are very apparent at a time when buying a home is a very competitive game. I consider her a trusted friend and recommend her to anyone looking to have a great real estate experience.
October 22, 2021
Walt T.
Hands down, Pat Parker is the most client-oriented real estate agent I have worked with. Aside from her high-quality communication skills and her focus on doing what she says, she is ultra-personable, which makes her comfortable working with sellers and buyers alike. Pat managed the listing and sale of my home with great care, efficiency, and responsiveness. I was confident from the beginning Pat would perform well, and I was right. Having sold real estate as an agent, I would hire Pat to represent me again if the opportunity arose. Lucky are those who have Pat represent them on the buying or selling side.

Walt Trask
September 21, 2021
Sande Z.
It’s difficult to put into words what we sometimes feel inside so I will try my best to write a review that is worthy of what Pat Parker truly deserves. Understanding, compassionate, thorough, complete follow through from start to finish and the most important she becomes totally in sync with what you are looking for in calling “your home.” It is often said, that everyone is or wants to be a real estate agent, however, Pat Parker separates those from “THE ONE” who truly respects and deserves the title of the THE ONLY ONE TO USE when searing or selling your home. She knows how to align that individual with the exact property to fit all of ones needs. So take me seriously when I say, “no need to look any further when you want to find the right real estate agent..she is the one and only one to use.” Best of luck to all who venture into the lane with Pat..a surge winner…!!
September 14, 2021