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Patrick Devine is a Southern Arizona Realtor with Tierra Antigua Realty in Tucson. From the first contact, you can immediately feel the difference in his approach to real estate. He is a consumer advocate who takes pride in representing his clients in the exact way he would like to be represented. This starts with promptly returning phone calls and emails, continues with complete transparency through every transaction, his detail oriented follow-through, and his positive attitude.

Patrick has the experience and knowledge to help you make an informed real estate decision and the negotiation skills to be your advocate throughout the home buying process. He specializes in working with retirees in the Green Valley and Sahuarita areas of Southern Arizona. He is familiar with the nuances of the many different Green Valley communities and is an expert at guiding his clients to the right home in the right area. His non-pushy approach has been called “a breath of fresh air” and he prides himself on making sure his clients feel comfortable every step of the way.
Many clients have also complimented Patrick on the smoothness and ease of their transactions through his skillful use of technology.

You can trust that Patrick’s passion for real estate, customer-centric approach and positive attitude will set him apart from other real estate agents. When you contact Patrick, you can rest assured that he will respond as soon as possible.

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Jeffrey W.
One call is all it took. Patrick Devine asked what I thought was most important in what I was looking for in a home, put together a list of homes to tour, made an appointment with me to give me a tour of those homes, and the 6th one I absolutely fell in love with. Patrick kept me informed through out the buying process, lined up the inspections, negotiated with the sellers agent on my behalf, could not have been easier.
August 1, 2019
Sharon P.
When my husband and I decided to move to Green Valley from our home in PA, we knew we needed to find a knowledgable, professional, and trustworthy realtor to help us with our search and transition. I began to do some research on-line on realtors in the Green Valley area, reading reviews from others who had moved to Green Valley from other areas of the country. I came across the names of Patrick and Louise Devine at Tierra Antigua, and decided to contact them. I first corresponded with Patrick via e-mail, and he responded immediately. We followed up with a phone conversation in which he was able to answer all of my questions and to share his enthusiasm for his community. Patrick took the time to get to know me and to find out exactly what we were looking for in a new home. He sent me lots of helpful links and put me on his company's e-mail list to receive listings that matched our search criteria and budget. I immediately felt that Patrick would be a good fit for us as we searched for our new home. Over the next few months as we prepared to sell our home in PA, I contacted Patrick several times with more questions, and he always responded promptly with all the information I requested. When our home in PA sold more quickly than expected, I contacted Patrick again to ask him whether he could show me some homes in Green Valley the following week, and we arranged to meet at his office. Patrick took the time to get to know more about me and my husband, including our lifestyle, hobbies, and preferences. He then took me to see all the homes I had listed as possibilities from my own search, and also printed out some other listings that I hadn't seen that fit the profile I had given him. Along the way, Patrick told me more about each of the neighborhoods we visited, including their "personalities", unique characteristics, and what each had to offer in the way of facilities and activities. His knowledge of the Green Valley area was astounding, and his enthusiasm for the area contagious. Based upon my reactions to the homes I saw on the first day, as well as our in-depth conversations while driving around, Patrick took the time at the end of our first day together to research more properties that I had not considered before, and brought a list of still more houses to see on the second day. One of those properties had a pool, which we had not considered before. Patrick told me that he knew we had not been thinking of a home with a pool, but based upon the things he had learned about my husband and me the day before, he thought I might want to consider it. I agreed to have a look, and was immediately taken with it! Patrick had "nailed it" with his instincts about the setting, style, and community that would be a perfect fit for us. When I decided to make an offer on the house, Patrick sat down with me to walk me through the paperwork and to advise me on negotiations. His experience and advice proved to be invaluable in guiding me through the process of making the offer, including inspections, repair requests, and price. Despite the stressful nature of purchasing a new home without my husband present, I felt supported and in good hands throughout the process. Patrick was always accessible to answer questions, to serve as the liaison during negotiations, and to spend as much time with me as I needed to get me through it all. I felt completely confident that I was being well-represented, and had no qualms about having him represent us at closing, which was the same day as the closing on our house in PA. He did an excellent job of coordinating the entire procedure, including multiple wire transfers, timely submission of necessary paperwork, and communicating with us every step of the way. Best of all, I knew he was sincere when he told me to call him at any time after we moved in if we had any questions or needed any local recommendations. True to his word, he was able to provide me with everything from veterinary references for our pets to pool service providers to pest control companies when I needed them. I highly recommend Patrick to anyone who needs a little "hand-holding" through a process that can be very overwhelming, and especially to anyone moving to the area from out of state. His knowledge of the area, expertise in the real estate business, and excellent communication skills are second to none, and as a bonus he is a lot of fun to work with!
July 22, 2019
Warren B.
I happened to find Patrick's name on the internet, simply because he happened to put his name out there, in a position that I was interested in. After calling and setting up a time to visit with him, he spoke with us for about 10 minutes, then went to the computer and came back in about 12 to 15 minutes with several homes for us to review. He then drove us to them all and we were afforded the opportunity to see some wonderful homes in our budget range and with our desires in design. Patrick knew we were merely looking at this point in time, but he still took the time to "feel us out, get an idea of what we were looking for" and spent a few hours showing us those homes. As time moves along, he is sending us additional data for our review, and when the time comes for us to make a purchase..... it will definitely be through Patrick Devine. Very knowledgeable of the area and the various communities and their fees, restrictions, etc. Patrick is "Our Guy"!!!! And... we live some 1500 miles away!!!
March 20, 2019