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Scott, a licensed Realtor, is a passionate marketing expert and resident of the Hudson Valley for over 30 years. He is certainly no stranger to the creative and detailed organizational efforts required to make a smooth home selling or buying process a reality. When he entered real estate some years ago, Scott brought an exceptionally strong, double-layered professional background to the table for his clients. As a leading executive recruitment professional for over 20 years, Scott's negotiation skills, as well as his search capabilities (exactly what is needed for finding the perfect home for his buyer clients) are utilized in his real estate practice every day. His background as a marketing professional gives Scott a real edge in marketing his client's homes.

In addition, Scott's focus on baby boomers and 55+ communities has framed him as an expert in this niche demographic. If you are in this demographic and either seeking to sell your home, and/or purchase a home in a 55+ community or an area that is popular with the 55+ demographic, there is no agent better qualified to assist you than Scott!

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Janet & Richard P.
Scott Bandremer showed us several homes at Heritage Hills. He is very informative and pleasant to work with. When this beautiful house on the lake came up for sale, he called me immediately to come the next day not to miss out on the house. We fell in love with the house and due to Scott’s quick thinking and work, we were the first bidder on the house and closed on 7/15/19. It was a pleasure to work with Scott. He was always available to let us in to see the house prior to closing. We highly recommend Scott as your next Realtor.
July 21, 2019
Susan W.
Scott Bandremer has been and continues to be (closing is not for a few weeks yet) an AWESOME buyer’s rep for me. I actually started working with him by chance, since when I looked for information about Heritage Hills, which is where I hoped to move, his picture was there beside the listings, so I reached out to him to ask questions and start my search. Last summer (August, 2018) I went up to New York to see my son and daughter-in-law and grandchildren (the major reason I wanted to move to Westchester County) and asked Scott whether we could meet and he could show me around Heritage Hills and other 55+ communities. I stressed the fact that my move was a year away, but that I wanted to get a feel for what I was planning. He was most gracious, arranged to spend a full day with me, showing me houses, and then made the appointments and printed out the information for about eight houses which we visited. He explained a bit about the communities we were visiting (Heritage Hills, The Retreat at Carmel, and perhaps one other similar community) and how they worked. In all of the communities he showed me the common areas (clubhouse, library, etc) and drove me around the full communities in addition to showing me the particular houses on our list. We both knew that the places I saw then would not be the places I would be looking at a year later, but it did give me a sense of the models, the layout of the community, and the information I needed so that over the winter I could focus my search anticipating a purchase in summer of 2019. He and I communicated off and on throughout the winter and into the spring. The format of the Heritage Hills Homes for Sale page made it easy for me to see what houses were for sale through the winter and early spring. By early June, I was planning my trip to actually find the house I would buy. I was still looking at the listings online and consulting Scott about them. On June 18, Scott arranged for us to see ELEVEN homes! It was a rainy day (pouring for a good part of it) and he offered to pick me up from my hotel rather than have me drive out to Somers. A number of the homes he had appointments for were among the ones I had been seeing online and it was great to see them in person. Fairly early in our appointments, I found one in particular (there were, by day’s end, two that I felt were very promising) that I liked a lot. Scott arranged for us to revisit it after we had seen all eleven he’d arranged, and my son met us there so I could have him also look at it with a more objective eye. My son and Scott hit it off right away and that made it easier for Jonathan (my son) to ask all the questions that I wasn’t organized enough to think of. Jonathan left and Scott drove me back to my hotel (even though he was late to pick up his dog). That evening, with my son and daughter-in-law’s help, we decided on an offering price and I sent my thoughts to Scott. He represented me in the negotiations extraordinarily well, smoothing rough edges between my offer and the seller’s expectations, holding firm through the bargaining process, and even helping me to get the best price when I feared the sellers had reached their limit. Some unavoidable delays in executing the contract gave me concerns but Scott again reassured me and acted on my behalf in strong and convincing ways. Scott (and my daughter-in-law) was present for the inspection, he paid for the inspection (which I have yet to reimburse him for), called me with details of what the inspection had revealed (both he and my daughter-in-law sent me copies of the complete inspection report as soon as it was available) and has provided me with referrals for the small number of things that I will need to take care of from the inspection. Scott also helped me find a NY attorney to help me through closing, helped me negotiate a reasonable rate for the attorney’s work, and has been in contact with me on a regular basis (even on two occasions when he was supposed to be “on vacation”!) to keep me apprised of details. Whenever I have had questions, he has either had, or found out, the answers. He has kept the attorney in the loop on questions with legal implications and has just been a terrific calming presence in this daunting process (the last time I bought a house I had a husband to share the challenges with and it was 45 years ago!). I would recommend Scott to anyone who is looking for a new home and wants the help of a knowledgeable realtor who can bring calm and sensitivity to the process. I sure was lucky that he happened to be the one whose picture was on the website when I was looking!
July 18, 2019
Naomi S.
Scott is the Guardian Angel of Realtors! He is with you every step of the way.

Prompt, Reliable, Knows his stuff, Honest and Reassuring. A FIVE Star rating!
October 31, 2018