phone in pocket with aARP website pulled up

It is expected that by 2011, the number of baby boomers who use the internet at least once a month will grow to 63.7 million. That means that four out of every five baby boomers will use the internet in some fashion, whether searching for a local restaurant or the best place to retire. Although the baby boomers are not known for being the most technology-savvy generation, they are embracing the power of the Internet in record numbers.

With the increase in the number of baby boomers comes an increase in the number of sites catering to this demographic. PC Magazine recently compiled a list of the 10 best sites for baby boomers.

  1. Connect with other boomers, increase your health knowledge, plan your future, receive travel recommendations and more.
  2. Started by a baby boomer named Ron Enderland, I Remember JFK is a blog dedicated to the life and reflection of the Boomer generation. Enderland posts candid memories of the ’60s and ’70s each week.
  3. Short for “To Be Determined,” was launched in September of 2007. It is an online community for people ages 40 and older and the focus of the site is to help mid-lifers feel like they can grow by sharing experiences and information with each other.
  4. This site has tons of interesting articles and news on spirituality, art, wine, pop culture, wealth, sex, and more features specifically for women born during the baby boom. BoomerGirl also offers online “clubs” where you can meet other Boomer Girls with similar interests.
  5. The AARP has now created a new online version of their magazine. Divided into categories of Health, Money, Leisure, Make a Difference, Family, and Online Community, boomers can read the latest news, connect with family and friends, comment on articles, and listen to AARP radio and podcasts.
  6. Recognizing the growing trend of older Americans who are still seeking work, Retired Brains launched as a job search engine for older boomers, seniors, retirees and those close to retirement.
  7. Described as a lifestyle and social network for baby boomers and generation Jones, BOOMj incorporates featured articles from experts in various fields, such as health, travel, and finance.
  8. Much like Digg, Boomer 411 is a news-aggregating site for the older population. Boomer411 allows you to bookmark and share your favorite content as well as submit content to be voted on by other users.
  9. Founded by Jeff Taylor, creator of, Eons is an online community where boomers can set up profiles, join groups, share photos and videos, play brain games, and more.
  10. (Retirement Living TV): The online version of the Retirement Living TV channel is loaded with health tips, discussion boards, and an extensive video library that showcases bargain retirement places, interviews with famous boomers, and digital life stories.