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  • What do you get when you mix a smidgeon of badminton, a pinch of ping-pong and a slice of tennis? Answer: The latest craze at active adult communities, Pickleball. Originally designed as a backyard lawn game for the whole family, Pickleball was created over 40 years ago by U.S. Representative Joel Pritchard and friends. Pickles, Pritchard's family dog, had an obsession with chasing errant balls during play and would hide with them in the bushes. Hence the name: Pickleball.

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  • The National Association of Home Builders predicts that dual master bedroom suites will be in 60% of custom homes by 2015. (Some of these builders claim that more than a quarter of their new projects already have two master suites.) Not since the Victorian era have there been so many requests for dual master bedrooms. The trend is growing especially fast for older Americans, who may need the extra room to accommodate a multi-generational family, from aging parents to grandchildren. His-and-her wings can also provide a sense of relief from a marriage, as privacy is a precious commodity in a long-term relationship.
  • It is time to set the record straight. As the popularity of 55+ housing continues to grow, so do the number of communities that supposedly cater to this demographic. With the addition of more communities, a variety of choices are available to suit homebuyers who have different needs based on budget, location and lifestyle. It is obvious, however, that as more builders enter the 55+ housing market arena, a variety of marketing messages are used to lure a new pool of potential buyers. We consistently get questions from confused homebuyers about what it means if a community is labeled “active adult” versus “age-restricted.”


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