• What Are 'Green' Retirement Communities?

    Last Sunday, <a href="https://www.55places.com/index.php/news/retirement_community_builders_going_green/ " title="I discussed">I discussed</a> the growing trend of developers who are building "green" communities. Specifically, more retirement community builders have jumped on the bandwagon and are promoting themselves as "green" retirement communities. I was surprised by the enthusiastic response I received from many readers who wanted to know more about green communities. Others simply wanted to know what it means to be a green community.

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  • Florida Votes to Lower Property Taxes

    On Tuesday, voters in Florida overwhelmingly approved a bill to lower property taxes across the state. It seems logical that the bill would pass in a state that has seen a major, recent increase in the number of people aged 55+ in recent years.

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  • Eons.com Lowers Age Restriction

    On Wednesday, Eons.com founder Jeff Taylor lowered the age restriction of the popular 50 and older Baby Boomer social networking website…to 13. Eons has emerged in the last year as the number one social networking site for Baby Boomers. The popular site previously banned anyone younger than 50 from being a member. The Wall Street Journal hailed the site as the "Myspace for Baby Boomers" and it has grown widely in popularity in the last year.