• Looking for Rest & Relaxation? Try an RV

    People just starting to enjoy active adult living often return from long vacations quite ready to sleep in their own beds again. But what if you could take your own bed with you, while you vacation? If you listen to one of the many proud RV owners in this country, they will tell you that a vacation never has to end.

  • The Top 10 Baby Boomer Myths

    The AARP recently compiled a report "How Well Do You Know Boomers?" The report focuses on dispelling 10 myths about these soon-to-be residents of our nation's most luxurious retirement communities. The report concludes the following myths about Boomers are untrue.

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  • The Flight of the Snowbirds Never Ends

    Spring is here and the snowbirds have returned home for the warmer months, though most are already thinking about where they will spend the coming winter. While many of us are scraping ice off of our windshields, snowbirds will be setting their sights on warmth and relaxation, on places like Florida retirement communities.

  • New Study Provides Great Insight on Baby Boomer Buying Patterns

    Research released by FH Boom and the National Marketing Institute (NMI) at the What's Next Boomer Summit reveals a change in buying patterns of the aging baby boomer generation of consumers, including their renewed desire for active adult housing. The study provides insight into how boomers will act when they turn 70.

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  • The 10 Best Websites for Baby Boomers

    Four out of every five baby boomers use the internet in some fashion, whether searching for a local restaurant or for the best place to retire. Here are 10 of the most useful websites for boomers.

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  • Senior Move Specialists: Moving Assistance that Thinks Outside the Box

    Moving is always a stressful time, both physically and psychologically exhausting. Having the right support can make all the difference in the world. If you are moving for the first time in many years or downsizing to a smaller home, assistance from a friendly and compassionate moving professional may be exactly what you need for a smooth transition. From empty nesters moving for the first time in decades, to children who are helping their parents move into smaller homes, apartments, or retirement communities, the personalized services offered by Senior Move Specialists meet the unique needs of any client.