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    When picturing Texas, many people imagine cattle ranches and cowboys. However, the state has much more to offer, including a rich history, world-class cultural attractions and a wide variety of recreational activities. Texas is the second largest state in America, the largest in the continental United States, and one of the most popular states for relocating retirees.

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    Clipping coupons has long been a way for thrifty shoppers to stretch a buck. Today, savvy shoppers can find coupons online as well as in weekly shopping circulars. Coupon codes provide savings during online shopping, and printable coupons can be brought to stores. Shoppers can even join coupon exchange clubs where they can clip and trade unwanted coupons for ones that they will use.
    Retirement is a big part of the American dream, but many Americans don’t have a clear picture of what retirement means to them. They often worry about the “how” of retirement, as in “How will I afford to retire?”, but the rest of the picture may be rather vague. To bring that image into focus, let’s go back to the basics of who, what, when, where and why.
    The American Southwest, with its temperate climate and beautiful vistas, is one of the country’s most popular retirement destinations. As such, the area is home to many impressive active adult communities. Whether relocating adults are interested in a resort-style community or a more intimate neighborhood, they are sure to find a community to meet their needs. Here is a look at just a few of the spectacular active adult communities found in the American Southwest.
    At active adult communities around the country, empty nesters and retirees gather for a variety of social events. While activities cover a wide range of theme parties, lecture series, and other entertainment attractions, Movie Night is a staple that shows up everywhere from the smallest neighborhoods to sprawling resort-style communities. What makes Movie Night such an enduring pastime? And how can more active adult communities enhance their own Movie Night events?
    Many Baby Boomers have invested in savings plans with the expectation of taking an early retirement. However, retirement savings are often not enough to cover the costs of health care for those who are uninsured. This forces many potential retirees to either continue working to maintain their employer sponsored insurance plans, or retire and risk living without insurance until they are eligible for Medicare.

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    Over the past decade, North Carolina has emerged as one of America’s most popular retirement states. Its prime location offers several diverse regions. Residents can enjoy beaches along the Atlantic coast, scenic vistas along the Appalachian Mountains and thriving urban centers in cities such as Charlotte and Raleigh. Major interstates, such as I-95 make it easy to travel to neighboring states along the east coast, and the sub-tropical climate offers hot summers and mild winters.

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    With their flowering plants, bountiful crops, and lush natural beauty, community gardens are becoming an increasingly desired amenity in today’s green-minded society. Community gardens and “pocket parks” are popping up throughout urban centers and can be found nestled in the common areas of suburban neighborhoods. Some active adult communities have also embraced the community garden, giving residents an opportunity to harvest a variety of benefits.
    Florida has long been a popular retirement destination for those who crave warm weather and sunny beaches. Most Americans will recognize the names of many Florida cities, such as Miami, Orlando and Tampa; yet placing them on a map is more of a challenge. Florida is a large state that contains both sub-tropical and tropical climates. The winters are generally mild and the summers are hot and humid. There are urban centers and rural communities, tourist destinations and quiet coastal cities. Florida’s regions can be divided in many ways, and each region has its own appeal. Read on for a look at some of Florida’s popular retirement regions.
    Active adults are often overwhelmed by all the considerations to ponder when choosing a 55+ community. Is it better to live in a larger scale resort-style community or a more intimate sized neighborhood? Is the secure feeling of a gated community a necessity? Will the location be ideal for visiting family? A growing trend among many active adult community shoppers is to stay close to current family and friends. Doing so may mean having to forgo the dreams of retiring to a sun filled paradise such as Arizona or Florida. However, to many it is much more important to live closer to old friends, children and of course the grandchildren as well.


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