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    While many retirees typically flock to warm states like Florida for their retirement destination, they shouldn’t overlook active adult communities in New Jersey if they want to stay close to home on the East Coast. One of those 55+ communities is Covered Bridge in Manalapan, NJ. This affordable age-restricted neighborhood consists of 254 acres of farmland and has resort-style amenities as well as a long list of social activities that will keep Baby Boomers busy throughout the year.
  • by Elliot Crumpley on January 29th, 20161 Comment

    If you’re nearing retirement age and your 401(k) account is looking paltry, you’re not alone. Many Americans are woefully unprepared for retirement and looking at their savings is a cause of anxiety rather than what it should be: excitement for a new stage in their lives.
  • Active adult communities are renowned for having a vibrant and social atmosphere where residents can come together to share similar interests or participate in new hobbies. Most 55+ communities also appeal to Baby Boomers and retirees who want to remain social and active throughout their retirement. What’s great about active adult communities is that they cater specifically to people aged 55 and better by providing clubs and activities designed around their lifestyle.
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    Here’s something many home sellers may not realize: Buyers determine the price of a home, not sellers. For many that sounds strange. After all, no one knows your home better than you. “That alcove by the window makes for a great reading space in the summer time.” “Who can beat our yard, especially in this packed neighborhood?” While many of these additions might help increase your home’s value, it might not hold the same value to potential buyers as it would to you, leading many sellers to overprice their home and prevent an offer from reaching the table. But isn’t overpricing your home generally a good idea, so you can maximize your home’s sale price? In most cases, overpricing your home can actually lead to a lower sale price than if it was priced correctly from the beginning. Being aware of why you might be overpricing your home, and why it’s a bad idea, can be the difference between a deal and deadweight property.
  • Are you looking for an active adult community with a serene and country setting that’s far from the hustle and bustle of city life, yet close to family and friends? Well look no further than Saddlebrook Farms in Grayslake, Illinois. This 55+ neighborhood offers Baby Boomers everything they could ever want or need in a carefree environment. Saddlebrook Farms consists of 720 acres of nature preserves, scenic lakes, and a working farm that is sure to give homeowners breathtaking views right from their own backyard. Retirees searching for a vibrant and welcoming 55+ neighborhood with affordable homes can find that plus more in Saddlebrook Farms.
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    Moving to a warm climate is a no-brainer for most retirees who want to throw away the shovel forever and move on to, literally, greener pastures. It’s no secret that retirees seek warmer areas and, in fact, the nation’s most popular retirement destinations are all below the Mason-Dixon line or in the deserts throughout the Western United States.
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    If you’ve ever dreamed of retiring to Florida, Stonecrest just might be your perfect destination. This 55+ community is nestled in the hills of Summerfield and offers both new and resale homes for sale. When complete, this amenity-rich community will include 2,200 single-family homes. With so many other active residents, there’s always something to do at Stonecrest.
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    When you think of retirement, you probably also think of saving. But once you’re retired, all of that money you’ve saved starts getting spent. So how do you make sure your nest egg lasts? There’s a lot of planning involved in specifics, but one easy way is to avoid retirement money wasters. Here are some big ones to be wary of:
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    Baby Boomers came up in a time of unparalleled chaos and prosperity, uncertainty with a healthy dose of predictability. If music is a reflection of the times, then the songs that defined the Baby Boomer generation try to make sense of the optimism, protest, and care free attitude that seemed to infuse the world around them.
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    Moving is a hassle, there’s no way around that. But with the help of a good mover, you can severely cut down the amount of hassle you have to go through in getting into your new home in an active adult community. Deciding on a reliable mover can be difficult with scams out there and a wide variety of different companies in any given area. Luckily, we’ve outlined some of our favorite tips for deciding on a moving company.


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