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  • A major draw for Baby Boomers moving into retirement communities is the active lifestyle and social environment. With countless resort-style amenities, abundant social clubs, and the assistance of onsite activity directors, there’s never a dull moment in these vibrant communities. That’s why many active adult communities are perfect for retirees who want to mingle with neighbors, build lifelong friends, explore new hobbies, and join special interest groups or clubs. It’s not unusual for these communities to offer a diverse selection of social clubs that Boomers can choose from that cater to their individual interests.
  • Are you thinking about downsizing and finding a smaller home or buying a first home? Condo living is a great option for a more carefree lifestyle but it is not for everyone. Every condo community has a flavor of its own; some are friendly to younger families while others cater to Baby Boomers and retirees. Finding a community that suits you is as important as the condo’s location and style when searching for a permanent or seasonal home. Weighing the good and bad will help you make an informed decision before making a life-changing move.
  • Encore at Fishhawk Ranch is an active adult community in the Tampa Bay area that stands out from the crowd. This gated 55+ community, located within the master-planned development of Fishhawk Ranch offers a unique selection of innovative home designs, a private clubhouse, resort-style amenities, and more.
  • Traditionally taken by many young adults, a gap year is considered to be the year taken between high school and college. It gives them time to reflect on their lives, thus far, and decide on the direction they hope it will take. Whether traveling across the country, abroad, or merely relaxing, this time helps them gain perspective on their lives and offers time to decide what to do with the rest of their life.
  • You may have seen some well-known active adult communities featured on our 100 Most Popular 55+ Communities for 2016 but did you know there are even more communities that you haven’t heard of yet? With more than 1,000 active adult communities featured on, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with so many options. You may have overlooked a few new construction communities because they are still pretty new on the market or are located next to larger and more established developments. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best communities that haven’t become too popular yet. These exciting new communities promote a healthy and active lifestyle as well as offer resort-style amenities, vibrant social atmospheres, and innovative home designs by premier builders. So if you’re still looking for your ideal retirement destination, check out some of these great active adult communities that might have flown under your radar and may spark your interest.
  • Staying fit as a senior can not only provide added health benefits such as stronger muscles and better mental health, it can also help battle diseases and improve your immune system. There are obviously many benefits that come with working out at an older age, but sometimes you just want to exercise at home without going outside or making a trek over to the gym. When home exercises are executed safely and correctly, you can enjoy working out independently while saving money on a gym membership. For those who have a busy schedule, you can also enjoy the convenience of exercising in your own home whenever you want. Seniors can even learn to have a good time during their workouts by inviting family members into the mix! Here are four fun exercises to add onto your daily routine so that you can stay fit.
  • Large, gated retirement communities sprawled across acres of rural landscape was the common blueprint for a majority of active adult developers. The first 55+ community ever built in the country was Sun City Arizona by Del Webb in 1960 that set the standard of what retirement communities should look like. They were designed as self-contained subdivisions and resembled vacation-style resorts or lavish country clubs that were typically built around clubhouses, golf courses, and tennis courts. These large developments were also typically isolated in rural areas that were far from daily conveniences and attractions, which required residents to drive everywhere. But with the ever-changing needs of today’s active adults and with more retirees living longer and independently, could this traditional retirement community model change from a rural or suburban setting and move into urban cities?
  • Today’s Baby Boomers are more active than ever so it’s no surprise to see them searching for an ideal retirement destination that caters to their vibrant lifestyle. According to data from the National Household Travel Survey, biking rates among people between the ages of 60 and 79 are on the rise. Not only is getting around on two wheels better for the environment, it’s also a healthier and affordable option for many retirees. With more retirees ditching their cars and replacing them with bicycles, their search for a bike-friendly retirement town may be challenging. Luckily, there are plenty of cities across the country implementing better bicycle infrastructures to meet the growing demand of the biking population, which includes active adults. Some of these great cycling cities not only offer miles of designated bike lanes, bicycle-sharing programs, and facilities but they are also perfect for Boomers seeking a safe and active retirement location. So if you’re ready to get rid of your four-wheel vehicle then hop on a bicycle to cruise through these bike-friendly retirement destinations listed in no particular order.
  • Baby Boomers looking for a sweet retirement destination should check out The Legacy at Cary Creek in Auburn, Alabama. This gated 55+ community will include all of the amenities, activities, and quality home designs that cater to the active adult lifestyle. The Legacy at Cary Creek will also provide homeowners with a maintenance-free environment that will allow them to enjoy vibrant and exciting lifestyle with other like-minded adults within a private and tranquil setting.
  • Recent surveys show that close to half of all Baby Boomers are currently playing video games. This makes sense, as ours was the first generation to enjoy video games with the earliest home video gaming systems from Atari and Sega. Benefits from gaming include improved cognition, with some studies showing a slight increase in reports of a better social life amongst video gamers. Plus, video games are just fun! Whether you're looking for a few new games or want to get in on the fun, here are a few of our favorite video games.


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