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    Being self-employed is convenient. You get to set your own schedule and have the flexibility to switch things up in an instant. One of the drawbacks of being self-employed is planning and saving for your own retirement. But don’t get discouraged. Saving for your retirement is possible even if you’re self-employed. There are still options to choose from that can help you with significant tax benefits. All you have to do is pick the right one for you. It may sound confusing, but the hardest part really is just choosing a plan and sticking to it. Here are a few retirement plans to check out if you’re self-employed:

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    Making improvements is typically one of the main priorities of homeowners. Outdated kitchens, ugly bathrooms, and the horrendous color that the previous owners decided to use in the bedroom are headaches that few want to live with for long. The problem is that actually making these improvements can be financially cumbersome, leaving many to live in a home with a dishwasher older than their children.
    Active adults looking to set their sights toward the Southwest should consider Nevada or Arizona as their ideal retirement destination. But which one is right for you? Well, that all depends on personal taste and what's important to you when choosing where to retire. Both states are similar in regards to climate, low taxes, outdoor recreation, and affordable homes.

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    It’s estimated that some 55 million Americans live in a community with a homeowners’ association (HOA). Although incredibly common, especially in high-density areas, moving into an active adult community might be your first time living in an association-governed complex. So how exactly does an HOA work? While there are almost as many variations on the HOA theme as there are housing developments, the majority of them operate under similar guidelines.
    The Sarasota-Bradenton area is one of the more popular retirement destinations in the Sunshine State. Dreamy blue skies, white sand beaches, and the historic shopping district of downtown Venice warmly greets visitors, while an active population sets the standard for healthy living. Now there’s another reason to retire here: the opening of Esplanade at Artisan Lakes in Palmetto.
    It’s important to eat the right foods to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle. Eating healthy not only helps you look and feel good on the outside, but it also keeps your brain healthy. Research has shown if you eat the right types of food you can maintain a healthy brain.

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    Baby Boomers feeling left behind in the online dating realm now have a platform specifically for them. Stitch, a social media platform launched in 2014, is a companionship service for adults 50 and better.

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    Everyone loves a good deal or finding something at a bargain price. Finding a great deal on the home of your dreams is even better. But what if the price of your dream home doesn’t match with your pocketbook? Negotiating is crucial in order to get what you want without hurting your budget and future retirement plans.

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    This week marks the first week of spring, where the bright, beautiful colors of the new season greets the winter-weary. Although many retirees have chosen to live in cities where winter is a foreign concept, there are many reasons why the season is an exciting one. Plant life explodes, the days become longer, summer vacation looms, and science has confirmed people are happier.

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    Most retirees think of Florida, Arizona, or California as their ideal retirement destination. But they shouldn’t overlook New Jersey because it has plenty to offer. The Garden State has more than 200 active adult communities making it the second state with the most active adult communities in the U.S.


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