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    Ideally situated in picturesque Montgomery County, PA, Regency at Providence is a gated 55+ community that has much to offer.
    Health and active adult living go hand-in-hand. After all, the point of being active is to stay healthy physically and mentally. Fitness centers, aerobics studios, and walking trails are very common in 55+ communities, yet many of them take it a step further by offering health classes and seminars.
    Across the country there are a variety of active adult communities. Some resemble charming, quiet towns while other 55+ communities are more like unique metropolitan cities with their own shopping centers, massive clubhouses, multiple recreational facilities, and golf courses, making them a top retirement destination. A common factor among these active adult communities is that they usually have more than 10,000 residences, some of which continue to build new homes every day.
    So what is the MLS exactly? Let’s say you want to sell your home. You contact a real estate broker who comes to your home, takes a look around, jots down some notes, and takes lots of photos. The agent will then go back to their office, upload the photos, and write a description of your home. All that information is placed into a system that includes other homes for sale in your area. That system is the MLS.
    Known as the friendliest small town in Western North Carolina by locals, the Hendersonville area offers many of the qualities and amenities that Baby Boomers seek. Consisting of towns like Flat Rock, Fletcher, Laurel Park, and Mills River, the Hendersonville area is regarded as an ideal retirement destination because of its tranquil setting, mountain views, outdoor recreation, and rich culture. There are also great age-targeted and age-restricted communities in the area that draw in active adults who want to experience outdoor living as well as a vibrant and social lifestyle. Check out our list of 5 reasons to retire in the Hendersonville area.

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    Anticipating the day when you can trade in your desk job for the driving range? Dreaming of Tuesday afternoon cocktails after a round with friends…. just because? A retirement lifestyle seems to be incomplete without a golf course. Even for retirees who don’t play, the sight of rolling fairways and golf carts in the distance epitomizes leisure.

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    Hendersonville is known as “The City of Four Seasons.” Leaf-draped hillsides in fall give way to short merciful winters, and the lush spring colors culminate in pleasant summers. All the while you’re treated to the sights of the Great Smoky Mountains and Blue Ridge Mountains.
    Retiring early is great if you are able to plan and save enough money to live comfortably for the rest of your life. But what about healthcare costs? If you decide to leave the workforce before the age of 65, which is the qualifying age for Medicare, you may want to consider a few other healthcare options. Some healthcare costs may affect your budget in retirement because you are paying higher premiums and they aren’t tax-deductible. In previous years, Baby Boomers who retired early had a difficult time finding affordable healthcare coverage if they didn’t meet the age requirement for Medicare. Now, there are a variety of healthcare options available for early retirees. All you need to do is navigate through the healthcare system and find which option fits your needs.

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    We all go through life preparing for our future in case of accidents and tragedies. So it’s probably a good idea to buy life insurance when we are young adults and have families and small children that depend on us financially. After all, the whole purpose of buying life insurance is to make sure that our kids, spouse, or relative who depends on us is taken care of in case of our untimely death. But once you retire and your kids have flocked the nest, do you still need life insurance?
    The path to buying your dream home in a 55+ community can seem tricky and complex. It’s also an expensive investment and if you don’t have all of the funds, it can be nearly impossible to buy your home. With the housing market changing, you should always stay on top of the latest interest rates and loan options available in your area if you’re looking to buy.


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