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  • Retirees often flock to Manchester because of its small town vibe, low crime rate, cultural attractions and entertainment, prime location, and plenty of outdoor recreation. The Manchester-Nashua area was also included on Forbes magazine’s list of cheapest places to live in New England in 2009. It’s no wonder so many Boomers are choosing Manchester, NH as their ideal retirement destination.

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  • Throughout your home searching journey, you may look for single-family homes, condos, or townhomes. Some of those types of homes are more common and are referred to more often because they are distinct in style. But what about when you’re scrolling through active listings and you find some homes that are labeled as a villa or patio home? What do those terms mean and what’s the difference between the two? Well, there are a few differences and similarities between the two depending on location.
  • When it comes to retirement advice, you probably don’t think about sharing it with your kids because that’s something they don’t have to worry about for a very long time. But in actuality, it’s a great way to introduce to them topics about retirement planning and saving. Experts agree that talking about money and retirement will help children long term. According to a 2012 study by the LIMRA, a financial services trade association, 56% of all 18-to-34-year-olds are not saving for retirement, and one in two Americans are not saving at all for retirement. So it’s safe to assume that talking to your children early on about the importance of retirement savings can only help them with their future plans. After all, if we have good retirement tips shouldn’t it be our responsibility to pass them along to the younger generation and help them better prepare for their financial goals? Check out the retirement savings tips to pass along to your kids.
  • Active adults are sometimes faced with space and storage issues when downsizing from their large family home to a smaller home or condo. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to maximize small rooms with tech savvy gear. One way to get the most out of your small space is by purchasing gadgets that are versatile. Check out some of the best tech we think would benefit your small room.
  • Creating a challenging golf course is no easy feat. Not only do you have to consider the topography, drainage issues and other elements of good landscape architecture, you need to create a course that's going to be appealing to a broad range of golfers in a variety of skill levels. It makes sense that many, but not all, of the best golf course architects are former players. After all, who knows better what will interest a seasoned golfer? If you're looking to play some of the country's top courses, look for those designed by these professionals.
  • Dreaming of exotic cuisine, learning a new foreign language, or living along the Caribbean coast? Then you’re probably planning to retire abroad. Although the U.S. has many great active adult communities, there are a few age-targeted communities that attract retirees from the U.S. Some of these international communities offer the same amenities and conveniences that you would expect to find in a U.S. 55+ community. Besides a warm climate and scenic views, retirees sometimes choose to retire abroad because they can really get the most out of their fixed income. Some countries offer affordable healthcare, a low cost of living, cheap real estate or rentals, lavish amenities, and an active and social environment. Check out some of these communities abroad that cater to retirees and an active adult lifestyle. They might just temp you to pack your bags and grab your passport and retire in one of these beautiful foreign destinations.
  • Retirees looking for a tranquil, small town setting with plenty of outdoor recreation yet still close to big-city entertainment and attractions should look no further than active adult communities around the Carmel area in Eastern New York. Carmel, Clarkstown, Cortlandt, Yorktown Heights, Middletown, and Central Valley are just some of the cities that make up the Carmel area, which is scattered across the counties of Rockland, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, and Westchester.

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  • When you think of the 60s some of the first things that come to mind include the civil rights movement, women’s rights, Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, John F. Kennedy’s assassination, and Woodstock. These are just some of the major events that occurred during the 1960s that have made a lasting impact in our lives and in American history. But when you compare the 1960s to now, you may realize there have been many changes that affected the Baby Boomer generation and their retirement plans. From high inflation and longer life expectancies to rising health care costs and the decline of personal savings rates, America has surely changed for Baby Boomers.
  • Most retirement calculators fail to factor in possible market fluctuations and changes in cost of living and inflation. These uncontrollable factors can dramatically alter your available retirement assets. In addition, variables such as additional medical costs, lifestyle changes and family emergencies can decimate retirement funds if they aren’t taken into consideration when calculating retirement age. Following are some tips on how to calculate retirement age realistically so you aren't part of the one-third of Americans with inadequate retirement savings.
  • If you have a spare bedroom or living space in your home, you might be debating whether the space would be put to better use as a home theater or a game room. There are benefits and drawbacks to each of them, and the final decision has to be made according to which features you find most enticing. Here are the pros and cons of building a home theater versus a game room.


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