Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers make great company for meals as they aren't distracted by iPhones, Facebook or Twitter!

Today's twenty-somethings are living in a different world than the one where Baby Boomers came into adulthood. While Baby Boomers have adapted with the times, growing up in another generation has given them a different outlook. Here are just five reasons it's great to be a Baby Boomer:

1. Baby Boomers are less connected

Sure, Baby Boomers appreciate cool technology and the convenience of having a cell phone as much as the next guy. However, they grew up with landline telephones and the idea that it was okay to be away from them for long stretches of time. It was understood, and accepted, that someone might not be available to answer the phone right away. So while Baby Boomers may now have smartphones, they are less likely to be chained to them or feel anxiety over turning them off when they don't want to be disturbed.

2. Baby Boomers know how to dress for work

There's no doubt that office attire has gotten more casual in most professions. Most companies favor business casual and many new start-ups let employees wear whatever they want. While jeans and t-shirts are great weekend wear, Baby Boomers see the value in dressing professionally in the workplace. They tend to take more pride in their appearance and carefully consider how they present themselves to coworkers and clients.

3. Baby Boomers enjoy dinner dates

Many Baby Boomers grew up in families where restaurants were for special occasions. Dinner dates are still a romantic occasion where they can dress up and make an effort to look their best. Dining out with friends is also a popular pastime. At the restaurant, they also know how to enjoy lively dinner conversation without distractions like tweeting pictures of their food or narrating the evening on Facebook.

4. Baby Boomers know how to volunteer

Baby Boomers are known for their efforts to make the world a better place. Today, that attitude continues as they seek out ways to volunteer for social, environmental or political causes. Many active adult communities have their own volunteerism groups or charitable organizations as well, making it even easier for Baby Boomers to find opportunities that fit their schedules.

5. Baby Boomers value their privacy

Today's young adults think nothing of posting every detail of their lives online. Their friendships and romantic relationships play out on social media, and they even use GPS to post their location throughout the day. Baby Boomers grew up without an audience. They don't feel compelled to share private information and they understand the value in having a little mystery in their lives.