Making your small kitchen look large is not impossible, check out how to do it at
Making your small kitchen look large is not impossible. Check out how to do it at

So you've got a small kitchen? Maybe you've recently downsized your house and while you love not having to perform the maintenance and cleaning on all that extra square footage, you haven't figured out how to make due with such a small amount of counter space. Perhaps you've finally made the move to the big city and, while you love the city life, you hadn't factored in the small size of your new condominium. 

No matter what your situation is, you shouldn't let a diminutive kitchen stop you from achieving your culinary goals. There's no reason why you can't cook up excellent meals to feed any size party, no matter how small your kitchen is. If you've got a heat source and water source, you can cook. Here are some tips to making the most of even the tiniest kitchen. Once you've implemented them, you're likely to forget your kitchen ever had you feeling like you were at a disadvantage.

Get Creative With Storage Space

Small spaces mean you can't let anything go to waste. Consider using cabinet doors for extra storage space. Install shelves and hooks to store those hard-to-place items, like longer utensils and spices.

Go High

Likewise, make use of the walls by installing shelves and hooks. A couple of things to keep in mind, though. It's preferable to store spices inside cabinets because light will cause them to lose flavor more quickly. Also, when deciding on shelves and hooks, as well as what to store where, let aesthetics guide you as to what to store on the walls. If it's on the wall you'll need to look at it and you want the kitchen to be a place where you enjoy spending time.

A Pot Rack

One of the best investments is a pot rack. Whether it's attached to the ceiling or wall, being able to hang pots outside of the cabinets will free up all sorts of space (or save you from trying to shove things into places where that space never existed).

Cover the Burners

One of the most annoying parts of a small kitchen is the lack of counter space. Be versatile by covering stove burners or the sink with a cover that you can use as a cutting board. Either have one custom built or search out the perfectly sized, raised board. There are several manufacturers that make ones for this purpose.

Don't Reinvent the Wheel

But do use them. A rolling cart or work bench can be stowed underneath permanent fixtures, providing storage and, when needed, extra workspace.

Stow the Seats

If you've got a truly tiny kitchen, it's likely you don't have space for a table and chairs. However, if you do have a space for a counter to have some company while cooking, make sure that the chairs fit neatly underneath the table or counter so you're not tripping over them.

Beat the Tiny Sink

Does your sink always feel inadequate for the really big jobs? Consider installing a faucet that will make up for the tiny sink. A high articulated faucet can make the difference between quickly doing the dishes or feeling like you're trying to play a very wet and frustrating game of Tetris.