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  • Budget-Friendly Retirement Living in a Challenging Economy

    by Rita Mishoe on October 2nd, 2009

    No matter how well we plan for the future, there are some things we just can't foresee. Planning for retirement is one of the most thought-out, long term processes, as well as one of the most important financial journeys we can undertake. Unfortunately, retirement finances are just as subject to volatile changes in the market as any other investments.

  • Active Adult Communities Are The Mature Choice For Retirement Living

    by Rita Mishoe on September 16th, 2009

    Active adult and retirement communities are growing in popularity. Before you buy your retirement home, there are some important considerations to make before you choose your location and make your move. Search for 55+ Active Adult Communities here.

  • Dark Clouds Over the Sunshine State

    by Rita Mishoe on September 4th, 2009

    Florida, the fourth most populous state in the country is losing people and popularity, as is shown by its recent year-long decline in population. The New York Times reported some interesting statistics on August 30, 2009 in its article about the shrinking of the Sunshine State. Florida has mostly relied on the concept if we build it, they will come. Why not? Florida, after all, has the largest coastline in the United States, plenty of sunshine, and no state income tax. Many came and the population indeed grew steadily since the 1920s, while builders were happily constructing in anticipation rather than actual demand. This all came to a screeching halt in 2006.

  • Pickleball the Latest Craze at Active Adult Retirement Communities

    by Rita Mishoe on August 27th, 2009

    Goodbye shuffleboard, hello pickleball! Pickleball is becoming a popular sport at active adult retirement communities across the country. The low impact is ideal for older adults who wish to stay active while having fun.

  • San Diego Is An Affordable Retirement Option

    by Rita Mishoe on August 21st, 2009

    San Diego has long been a retirement haven. But up until a couple years ago, it was unaffordable for most retirees. Now, with depressed prices, San Diego is once again an affordable option.