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6 Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

by Elliot Crumpley on 2 Comments

Retirement hobbies instrument 55places.com

If you’re looking to pick up a new hobby, why not try learning how to play an instrument? Although dreams of touring worldwide as a Grammy-winning ensemble and being best friends with Mick Jagger might be long gone, there are multiple benefits to learning an instrument in retirement. And yes,

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Genealogy – Tips To Get Started Researching Your Family History

by Bill Ness on No Comments


The Internet has made genealogy and ancestry research easier, and more interesting, than ever. Exploring genealogy has been a popular hobby for some time, but the Internet makes it easier than ever for you to sleuth out your family tree. You can use online resources to research your family, organize

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Social Media – Not Just for the Grandkids

by Bill Ness on No Comments


Baby Boomers are utilizing social media to stay in touch with family and to maintain business relationships. Growing up as the first TV generation, Baby Boomers know how technology can provide a window to the world and bring people closer together. The Internet makes those connections even easier wi

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