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A Year in Review: 1957

by Karl Schuster on No Comments

In 1957 you could find the Quarrymen touring, until Paul McCartney came along that is. Courtesy of Reddit In many ways, 1957 was a transformative year in American history. Major cultural shifts, fueled by unprecedented post-war economic prosperity led to a fundamental redefinition of what it was to

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Study: Retirees Move in Order to Downsize, Reduce Expenses

by Brad Mitchell on No Comments

New study sheds light on relocating retirees. It’s no shock that as Baby Boomers reach retirement age, many questions about the housing market need to be asked. Builder Online dissected the numbers recently released in a Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies report on the state of retireme

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Tips for Buying Your Grandkids Gifts

by Riley Ubben on No Comments

Be the greatest grandparent and get your grandkids the best gift this holiday season. Buying gifts for your grandkids can seem like a lot of pressure. Who could forget Ralphie’s embarrassment in A Christmas Story as he trudges down the stairs wearing a pink bunny suit that his Aunt Clara thought w

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Holiday Crafting Ideas

by Karl Schuster on 1 Comment

A holiday themed putz house is a great holiday craft activity to take on this year. For many, stringing popcorn garlands, hanging wreaths, and making homemade ornaments and decorations are the sort of timeless crafting traditions that announce the arrival of the holiday season. They are a way to bri

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