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Finding a Reliable Moving Company

by Samantha Reid on 10 Comments

Moving is both stressful and expensive. Here are a few ways to find the best moving company for you and your budget. Moving is a hassle, there’s no way around that. But with the help of a good mover, you can severely cut down the amount of hassle you have to go through in getting into your new hom

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Moving Day Checklist: Before & After

by Elliot Crumpley on 1 Comment

For a smooth moving day, it’s important to make sure you think of both your new and old home. The big day is here: you’re moving into an active adult community. The day you’ve been waiting for with both excitement and anxiety, when you lock your door for the last time and enter your ne

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Moving Long Distance for Retirement

by Elliot Crumpley on 18 Comments

Are you really ready to move? Here’s what you should do before you make a long-distance move for retirement. Many retirees dream of the day when they ditch the snow shovel for the last time for the warm and bucolic life in a temperate climate. But are you ready to toss your belongings into a t

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20 Great Cities for Retirement

by Megan Boldrey on 4 Comments

Retirement in Arizona vs. Nevada 55places.com

For the past 50 years, retirees have been flocking to Arizona retirement communities. There are hundreds of active adult communities throughout the nation. With so many destinations to consider, finding the perfect city in which to retire is an important factor. To help streamline this process, 55 P

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