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  • It’s no shock that as Baby Boomers reach retirement age, many questions about the housing market need to be asked. Builder Online dissected the numbers recently released in a Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies report on the state of retirement. According to the research, two in five Americans will move when they retire, while 43% would prefer to move if they could. Understanding the desires of the coming group of retirees and how they will affect the housing market is key to the future of 55-plus communities.
  • While many communities take pride in flashier amenities, the humble walking trail remains a favorite among active adults. Spending time outdoors is essential for many to stay in good health and in good spirits, so communities that offer a degree of preserved natural space are often sought after.
  • This year has seen some of the most iconic people of their generation retire as another wave of movie stars, musicians, and athletes decide to move onto the next phase of their life. Despite ending their careers, these stars plan on being active in their retirement. If you’re considering entering retirement, maybe these celebrities and their post-work plans will inspire you to make the jump too.
  • If you suffer from allergies, there may be a way to reduce this airborne nuisance from your home. Indoor allergens like dust mites, pet dander, mold, and pest droppings can wreak havoc on your physical well-being. Indoor allergens can be carried through the air and can be found on almost every surface inside your home including furniture, floors, vents, and other surfaces. According to the Allergy and Asthma Network/Mothers of Asthmatics, removing irritants from your home is more effective than just taking medications to relieve allergy symptoms. In order to enjoy a more pleasant day at home without suffering from a sneezing fit, stuffy head, or itchy and watery eyes all day long, try to allergy-proof your home with a few of these common steps below.
  • Baby Boomers, who were people born between the years 1946 and 1964, defined a generation and experienced some of the nation’s most historic moments. Within this generation, there were many influential Baby Boomer women who helped pave the way for others through political, activist, and workforce movements. They broke stereotypes as well as glass ceilings without letting their gender be an excuse for what they can or can’t do to pursue their dreams and goals.
  • Everyone knows it’s important to save money for retirement. And if you’re a woman, then there are a different set of challenges that you may face. Studies have shown that women tend to live longer, take more time off from work to raise a family, and earn a lower salary than men, which means they have to save earlier and that much more for their retirement needs. These are just a few of the reasons why women need to plan for retirement differently than men. So what are some things that women need to consider when planning for retirement? While there are numerous strategies for women to plan their own retirement savings, here we list a few suggestions.
  • Following four to eight years in the White House, U.S. presidents pack up 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and head elsewhere, as a new head of state is sworn in. As former presidents retire from their demanding roles, they tend to relocate to areas that help offset the stress and nonstop activity of Washington D.C. Whether heading home or to a known retirement destination, former presidents have enjoyed their years after the White House in cities across the country.
  • America is the great modern equalizer of cultural integration, a melting pot that is forever changing. But change isn't without its growing pains. Conflict and subjugation has spurned countless individuals who have persevered and pushed forth, who have fought for inalienable rights and social equality. While our times are currently seeing a new wave of social and political change and discontent, it's people born in the 60s or before that have seen the real scope of change. They have lived it. While history continues to repeat itself, these are some of the advocates for Civil Rights that have seen a fuller scope of true social evolution.
  • Have you ever wondered what presidents did once they retired from the White House? Do they join a pickleball league, perfect their golf or tennis swing, or do they stay involved in politics? While most presidents transitioned into a quiet and relatively normal retirement where they spent their free time writing memoirs, others remained active in the spotlight or in politics throughout their Golden Years. Check out what these presidents did in retirement below.
  • What makes a retiree move from their family home where they have lived and raised their family for years and into an active adult community? Well, there are several deciding factors that motivate Baby Boomers to leave their familiar surroundings and venture into an age-restricted development.


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