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  • Nathan Carlisle Homes is partnering with bike manufacturer Villy Custom to provide the homebuyers in their Lakes at Legacy and Arrowbrooke communities with signature custom cruisers for free. (Photo: Nathan Carlisle Homes) Nathan Carlisle Homes recently announced two new 55+ communities just north of Dallas, Lakes at Legacy in Prosper and...
  • The Championships, Wimbledon is just a few a weeks away. Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam tournament to feature grass courts. Every year during The Championships many wonder what it's like to play tennis on grass. While options in the US are limited, there are some.
  • With March Madness approaching, not only are Boomers setting up their winning bracket but they might also be planning to move back to their beloved college town. Retirees who are college basketball fans may want to live in or near a city that is home to their favorite college team, and luckily, many of these college towns are also great retirement destinations. These cities typically unite the community over the love of a college sport as well as offer small town vibes, an intellectual culture, and a vibrant social environment. Some cities even have a reasonable tax-climate, affordable housing, and easy access to great medical care. So if you’re looking to root for your own alma mater during college basketball season then check out these top cities to retire with great college basketball teams.
  • As the seasons change and many places become too cold and/or too dangerous to get outside and exercise, you are probably looking for some creative ways to stay fit. Staying fit during the winter doesn't have to be hard, you just have to find some unique ways to stay active that don't necessarily involve being outside.
  • Whether you've lived in the desert for many years, or are considering a move there, you're aware that there are certain advantages to the lifestyle, but did you know there are some aspects of living in the desert that are great for your health? Back in the 19th century, before modern medicine existed, people of means would often move to different countries in order to take advantage of entirely different climates, particularly ones that were warm and dry. While they certainly didn't know quite as much about how the body worked as we do now, there was definite wisdom in choosing an arid climate to promote health. Here five ways that desert living can help to keep you healthy.
  • A rather new concept in Western civilization, ‘Mindfulness' is an ancient practice found in a wide range of Eastern philosophies and incorporates elements of Taoism, Buddhism, and yoga. It is a method of bringing awareness to the present moment of your thoughts, feelings, sensations of your body, and your surrounding environment. Researchers have found that those who practice mindfulness can tune into the present moment instead of living in past regret and the what-ifs of the future, allowing them to live a more positive lifestyle.
  • Maintaining your physical health increases your life span and ability to enjoy life now and in retirement. There are numerous ways to exercise, whether you're 18 or 80. Running, jogging, or doing some laps in the community pool will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. A post-workout routine will help you to receive the most benefit from your workout, whether exercising to lose weight or add bulk. Following are five important things to do after your workout that will help you get the most from your exercise regimen.
  • Staying fit as a senior can not only provide added health benefits such as stronger muscles and better mental health, it can also help battle diseases and improve your immune system. There are obviously many benefits that come with working out at an older age, but sometimes you just want to exercise at home without going outside or making a trek over to the gym. When home exercises are executed safely and correctly, you can enjoy working out independently while saving money on a gym membership. For those who have a busy schedule, you can also enjoy the convenience of exercising in your own home whenever you want. Seniors can even learn to have a good time during their workouts by inviting family members into the mix! Here are four fun exercises to add onto your daily routine so that you can stay fit.
  • Whether you or your partner are seasoned athletes or just starting to embrace a more active lifestyle, it is never too late to become healthier, more energized and stronger versions of yourselves. Many older couples who stay fit together enjoy several benefits including strengthened immune systems, better mental health, more intimacy and a stronger bond. Here are four different ways for older folks looking to stay fit together.
  • When it comes to your health, we often tend to seek the advice of doctors and healthcare professionals. Sometimes they give us contradicting advice and we are left wondering who or what to believe. They may also change their minds a few months or years down the road leaving us as patients confused or unsure. But with medicine and science always evolving and new medical discoveries being made, we don’t always have a guarantee on what will work and what won’t for us. Healthcare professionals have also realized that just because old treatments and medical procedures were published in a scientific study or journal in the past, it doesn’t mean it can still apply to the health issues of today’s modern world. Check out some of the 4 things healthcare professionals have changed their minds about below.


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