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  • Concerned your kids or grandkids waited a bit too long to find something for grandpa on Father's Day? Send this link their way as a not-so-subtle hint for the perfect last-minute gifts for the active adult dad in their lives.
  • Throughout most of the United States, autumn is unmistakably associated with the harvest of fall squashes and gourds. Simply put, the pumpkin has a cultural significance that, for instance, the humble butternut or small acorn squash do not. With evidence of cultivation going back at least 10,000 years, the pumpkin is one of the earliest documented Mesoamerican crops, predating even the domestication of corn or beans.
  • Each year companies are creating cool high-tech toys that attract Boomers in droves that are ready to pay big bucks just to be the first to have the newest gadget in their home. From smartphones and smartwatches to underwater drones and wireless tech devices, there is sure to be a new product out there that may make your life more exciting, or at least make you believe that. If you like trying out new products or just want to be the first one in your active adult community to show off the latest gadget then check out these new high-tech products.
  • GL Homes’ newest 55+ community in scenic Boynton Beach, Florida is busy building its rich lineup of amenities and recreational facilities and by 2018 residents of Valencia Bay will be able to enjoy a world-class tennis center.
  • If you prefer a movie marathon to running a marathon, then there is an active adult community for you. Some of the best active adult communities offer amenities that cater to movie lovers by offering movie nights, film clubs, and on-site theaters. From large communities offering state-of-the-art movie theaters with sound systems to smaller neighborhoods with media rooms and big screen TVs, these active adult communities are bringing dozens of residents together who love the silver screen.
  • Being young at heart enables you to see the humor in life and the ability push fear aside and try new things. This is as true at 65 as it is at 18 and staying young at heart has a positive effect on your overall health. Having a hobby that focuses your attention on an activity that you enjoy is another way to stay young at heart and gives you a common interest with others who participate in the same activities. The following are hobbies that will keep you healthy and provide hours of personal and physical satisfaction.
  • What isn't there to love about being a grandparent? Without a doubt, one of the greatest pleasures is sharing the joys of childhood experiences, without the same level of responsibility that was attached the first time around. Whatever the activity -- from a shopping trip to reading stories -- you get to really relax and engage with your grandkids in ways that you weren't always able to as a parent when everyday stresses could easily get in the way. And what better way to sit back and relax than with a movie? Plus, with today's home entertainment set-ups, it's possible to recreate the full theater experience right at home, which is perfect for sharing classic family cinema with the grandkids. There's no shortage of great films, from your own childhood, from movies you likely watched with your kids, to ones you and your grandkids both may have missed, but here are five of our favorites that are always great to experience again and again, for all ages.
  • Retirees who have a passion for music or want to be surrounded by lively music should retire in active adult communities that cater to their musical hobbies and interests. Across the U.S., Boomers will find a variety of age-restricted and age-targeted developments that offer music clubs, performance venues, event lawns, theater clubs, ballrooms, and dance parties that attract the musically inclined retiree. Some of these active adult communities are also located in lively cities that are known for their world-class entertainment, festivals, and vibrant music scene. So grab your instrument of choice or dancing shoes and check out these best communities for musicians and performers.

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  • Volunteering during retirement offers unique rewards. Unlike working past retirement, when the need for money is often the motivating factor, volunteering is a way to stay involved without feeling forced to do so. When you volunteer after retirement, you can give the value of your wisdom, experience and expertise to younger generations. You reap the benefit of socialization outside your immediate social circle. On a personal level, volunteerism can help you feel wanted and needed. Here are eight great places to volunteer in retirement.
  • There are a lot of crafts that can be a lot of fun for men. If you are interested in crafting, it can be as “macho” as you make it out to be. Whether you want to be indoors or out, it can be a lot of fun and help to pass the time. In the end, you could have some great projects completed and hold some pride in the work because you made it.


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