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  • Concerned your kids or grandkids waited a bit too long to find something for grandpa on Father's Day? Send this link their way as a not-so-subtle hint for the perfect last-minute gifts for the active adult dad in their lives.

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  • Being a retiree doesn’t exactly mean one’s work life is done. Many recent retirees find that after a few years of life at home, they have too much free time on their hands. At that point, the best option for many is to take up a part-time job. Besides just boredom, retirees go back into the workforce to stay active, supplement their income, increase daily engagement, or to get health insurance. Part-time jobs have always been popular among retirees but modern times provide Baby Boomers with more options than ever. Here are some of the best part-time jobs for active adults in 2018.
  • For many, stringing popcorn garlands, hanging wreaths, and making homemade ornaments and decorations are the sort of timeless crafting traditions that announce the arrival of the holiday season. They are a way to bring families and friends together, creating decorations that brighten our lives during the darkest days of winter. However, if you feel like you may be falling into a crafting rut around the holidays, check out some of these ideas for new and interesting projects to try.
  • Whether it’s a bucket list trip to a spectacular destination or just visiting friends and family more often, one of the greatest aspects of retirement is finally having the time to travel without having to worry about checking in at the office or coordinating co-workers to cover your shifts.
  • After the leaves turn colors and, in much of the country, the gray skies and snow arrives, many of us find ourselves with spare time that was once occupied by outdoor activities. Hobbies, whether as an individual pursuit or group activity, are a time-honored way to spend one’s time. A good hobby, though, isn’t about just whiling away the hours, it should produce something useful or beautiful, whether that’s something tangible like a meal or scarf or intangible like a new experience, perspective, or friendship. Here are some fresh takes on some of the most popular winter hobbies.
  • Active adult communities around the country cater to many different hobbies, activities, and personal interests with the goal of cultivating an exciting lifestyle. Some of the most highly regarded communities include features like golf courses, pickleball, arts and crafts classes, cooking classes, book clubs, and woodworking. Many of these communities provide great ways for active adults to continue their lifelong passions, or to even pick up new hobbies and skills while making new friends.
  • A night spent at the theater is a night spent immersed in a great performance free from the distractions of mobile phones, social media, and TV. It is, unfortunately, an all-too-rare pleasure for most in today’s fast-paced, constantly connected world. With retirement comes the precious commodity of free time that allows ample opportunity to take in a show.
  • Throughout most of the United States, autumn is unmistakably associated with the harvest of fall squashes and gourds. Simply put, the pumpkin has a cultural significance that, for instance, the humble butternut or small acorn squash do not. With evidence of cultivation going back at least 10,000 years, the pumpkin is one of the earliest documented Mesoamerican crops, predating even the domestication of corn or beans.
  • Retirees who love the great outdoors are always in search of the next great hiking trail. Hiking is a great hobby that not only keeps Boomers active and healthy, but also allows them to seek new adventures while appreciating the natural beauty that surrounds them. Luckily, retirees can find hiking trails pretty much anywhere across the country. The Chicagoland Area, despite its reputation for being flat, has some terrific hiking paths just a short drive from the city. Whether active adults are looking for an outdoor workout, a wildlife encounter, or just a moment of peace and tranquility with Mother Nature, they’ll be able to find it near Chicago.
  • One of the major appeals about active adult communities is the exciting lifestyle and numerous clubs and activities available that cater to many interests. One of those popular special interest groups are veterans clubs. Many 55+ communities have veterans clubs, which bring retired military personnel together to support and engage with others who share a similar background within a fun and friendly setting. Some communities also offer a variety of veterans clubs that can accommodate spouses as well as general groups that are open to all residents who want to learn more about military history. In honor of Memorial Day, we’ve gathered some of the active adult communities that feature veterans clubs for their residents to enjoy. Check them out below!


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