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  • Hosting Thanksgiving is no easy task. Between keeping a close eye on the temperature of the bird, timing getting everything in and out of the oven at just the right moment, preparing a roux for the gravy, all while trying to visit with family and friends, hosting a Thanksgiving dinner seems to be more stressful than fun. For the person in charge of the meal, sitting down to eat often feels more like a relief than a celebration.
  • Spring is certainly the busiest time of year for most real estate markets. As the weather warms up, many put their homes up for sale and even more consider buying, casually strolling from one open house to the next on a sunny afternoon. Those seeking a bargain, however, know to look during the winter. While there may be fewer homes on the market during this time, there are also fewer buyers, and less competition means lower prices.
  • Bursts of vibrant colors and increasingly shorter days mark the beginning of fall throughout the country. It’s a time where our thoughts turn to seasonal activities like apple picking, football games, and preparing for the holiday season. As green leaves turn golden and maple red, this also marks a change in home decor. Here are some ideas to get you thinking about decorating your home for the season ahead
  • With the summer season coming to a close, there are some tasks homeowners have to do to keep their yards healthy until spring returns. The cooler temperatures, falling leaves, and dormant grass are just some of what to expect as the fall season approaches. And in order to prepare your yard for the upcoming season, it’s best to take advantage of the time you have to ensure your backyard is ready to survive the chillier months ahead. Check out some of these tips to get your yard ready for fall.
  • Returning to the comfort of the familiar is one of the best things about coming home, but looking at the same thing day after day can become monotonous. Shaking things up by refreshing the look of your home can be a great mood booster and make you appreciate home sweet home all the more. And while you may be thinking that home renovations cost an arm and a leg, there are some cost-effective improvements that can make your home feel like new.
  • With the summer season fast approaching, homeowners are getting their outdoor spaces ready for entertaining guests and hosting BBQ parties or just setting up a cool hangout spot to enjoy a cool breeze on a beautiful day. But don’t let harsh sunrays ruin your outdoor fun. Incorporating a cool shaded area for your perfect outside oasis is crucial during hot summer days. Whether your area is small or large, check out these seven tips on how to shade your outdoor space.
  • If you think your garage is only good for parking your car, think again. More homeowners are getting creative with their garage space and using it for other purposes other than storing their vehicles or random boxes. Depending on the size and condition of your garage, you can transform that functional space into a fun and new room for various uses. Check out these fun ways to use your garage.
  • Trying to live a healthier lifestyle is just as important as being more environmentally conscious. In today’s world, keeping our communities clean and our homes green can benefit our daily lives as well as the life of our Planet Earth. Incorporating a few steps into our daily routines like turning off the lights when not in use or taking shorter showers to save water can help benefit the environment and your energy bill. In honor of Earth Day, which is on April 22, retirees can find ways on how to be more mindful of what they consume and use as well as help bring awareness to the limited resources that sustain human, animal, and plant life. Check out our list of 10 ways you can make everyday Earth Day.
  • As the seasons start to change from harsh winters to blooming spring weather, every homeowner begins the process of de-cluttering and organizing things around the home that may have accumulated over the year. Not only will a little spring cleaning make your home feel like new again, it will also help you feel healthier and be more productive. But don’t get overwhelmed by all the chores and instead start tackling each room in your home one at a time. Check out our helpful guide to spring cleaning that will get you through your laundry list efficiently for a fresh, clean home this season.
  • Ordering food – or anything – from your smartphone has never been easier, and there have never been more options. Whether you want a quick meal from a local restaurant or fresh ingredients for a week of meals, there’s an app or website for you. Because of the wealth of options choosing a service might be overwhelming and it’s usually difficult to tell the advantages of one over another. If you’re looking for the app that caters to your tastes or preferences, here are a few of the more unique delivery services that deliver fresh food to the comfort of your own home.


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