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    by Elliot Crumpley on August 17th, 20161 Comment

    Moving is never fun. A neverending row of boxes, stacks of paperwork, hiring professional movers, and the stress of relocating to a new place is no one's idea of fun. But rest assured help is on its way in the form of your smartphone.
    White sand beaches or towering mountains? Swimming in January or skiing in July? Low property taxes or no sales tax? These are just a handful of questions retirees need to ask themselves before determining where they want to hang their hat.

    by Samantha Reid on January 20th, 201610 Comments

    Moving is a hassle, there’s no way around that. But with the help of a good mover, you can severely cut down the amount of hassle you have to go through in getting into your new home in an active adult community. Deciding on a reliable mover can be difficult with scams out there and a wide variety of different companies in any given area. Luckily, we’ve outlined some of our favorite tips for deciding on a moving company.

    by Samantha Reid on December 15th, 20154 Comments

    Retirement - you’ve probably been dreaming about it for years, and as it gets closer, more practical planning is becoming necessary. Everything from your budget to home size to location needs to be decided. There’s just one problem; you and your spouse disagree completely on your retirement destination. With such a big life choice looming, it’s important to come to a compromise that will have you both enjoying your post-work years to the fullest.

    by Elliot Crumpley on December 2nd, 20151 Comment

    The big day is here: you're moving into an active adult community. The day you’ve been waiting for with both excitement and anxiety, when you lock your door for the last time and enter your new home. Although the anticipation is unbearable, so is the to-do list, a seemingly endless collection of burdensome chores that never seem to get smaller. We’re here to help with a comprehensive list of what you need to remember for moving day so you can look forward to this momentous day instead of sweating the small stuff.

    by Elliot Crumpley on November 25th, 201518 Comments

    Many retirees dream of the day when they ditch the snow shovel for the last time for the warm and bucolic life in a temperate climate. But are you ready to toss your belongings into a truck, hit the open road, and resettle in a brand new region? Here we take a look at ways to prepare for a new life in an unfamiliar land.

    by Megan Boldrey on March 16th, 20154 Comments

    There are hundreds of active adult communities throughout the nation. With so many destinations to consider, finding the perfect city in which to retire is an important factor. To help streamline this process, 55 Places has compiled a list of 20 Great Cities for Retirement.


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