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  • Homebuyers should have a general understanding of basic real estate terms and concepts before they start the process so they can avoid any mistakes that could cost them a heavy penny in the future. The more information homebuyers learn about real estate, the more peace of mind they will gain in the long run. Here are some common real estate terms that may be helpful on your next home buying adventure.
  • Here’s something many home sellers may not realize: Buyers determine the price of a home, not sellers. For many that sounds strange. After all, no one knows your home better than you. “That alcove by the window makes for a great reading space in the summer time.” “Who can beat our yard, especially in this packed neighborhood?” While many of these additions might help increase your home’s value, it might not hold the same value to potential buyers as it would to you, leading many sellers to overprice their home and prevent an offer from reaching the table. But isn’t overpricing your home generally a good idea, so you can maximize your home’s sale price? In most cases, overpricing your home can actually lead to a lower sale price than if it was priced correctly from the beginning. Being aware of why you might be overpricing your home, and why it’s a bad idea, can be the difference between a deal and deadweight property.
  • Waiting for offers to roll in for your home is an anxiety-filled experience. The only thing that makes it worse is when that experience drags on unnecessarily, especially since the first 30 days on the market are when your home gets the most activity. After that window closes, selling your home can become an arduous, excruciating process that seems like it might never end.
  • So, you're thinking of finally selling your lifelong home and moving to an active adult community? Or you live in a 55+ neighborhood already and are thinking of relocating to another one? Maybe you already have a real estate agent in mind, or perhaps you are thinking of selling your house on your own. But before you hang that "For Sale By Owner" (FSBO) sign in your front yard, here are five reasons to not list your home as FSBO.
  • Whether you're buying or selling a home, there are important things to remember to bring to the closing table. As any active adult homeowner can tell you, buying or selling a home can be a daunting process. Even after the initial offer is made and accepted, there’s a lot to be done before both parties can officially close on a home sale. Both...
  • If you're getting ready to sell your house, there's one thing you should keep in mind: Buyers want to see the space, not the stuff. This is the main idea behind home staging, a trend that started during the early 2000s to help boost the flagging real estate market.
  • The kids are out of the house and suddenly your crowded home is empty. Maintaining such a large home is at best time consuming and at worst pointless: bedrooms are now redundant, furniture goes months without being used, and the cost of maintaining it has become an unnecessary expense.


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