Welcome to 55Places.com's first March Community Craziness showdown!

Think that your community is a cut above the rest? Are your community’s amenities simply too good to ignore? Has moving to your community changed your life? Share your thoughts with the world on your community’s page on 55places.com.

Each day we will feature at least one community matchup. When your community (or a community you know well) is featured in a showdown, cast your vote by clicking on the poll below. After you vote, you can tell us what sets your community apart by leaving a review on the community page. In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided by whichever community has the highest number of unique pageviews. The contest will be in the bracket style and will work just like any other major sports contest, with the winner of each round facing off against the winner of the next round. Check out the bracket below to see each matchup and when your community makes an appearance in the showdown. Disclaimer: Reviews are subject to approval and may be edited for clarity and accordance to company policy.