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Deciding where to actually move can sometimes be the hardest part.

One of the fastest-growing relocating trends for those ages 55+ is active adult communities. As the name implies, you are buying much more than a home, you are buying the tremendous value-add of an entirely new community. And because most of these communities are age-restricted, you get the benefits of living in a place that is defining the living environment and amenities based on the needs of a specific target market.

Some people enjoy the eclectic nature of older, unplanned neighborhoods, but there are others who desire the substantial benefits that a newer, planned active adult community can deliver. Certainly, it is vitally important to explore where you want to live geographically in your fifties and beyond, but there are also a number of other key considerations you should keep in mind when contemplating a new location.

People tend to over-emphasize tax rates, crime issues, and a benign climate. Sure they are important, but there are other things that are now becoming bigger priorities. These include access to great health care, cultural and continuing educational opportunities, and other advantages that sometimes can only be provided by larger cities.

What seems abundantly clear is that many people in the 55+ age category are redefining what they are looking for in a home, a community, or as an eventual place to retire. It also seems prudent that given the incredible number of options that now exist for people, a great place to start narrowing down the possibilities is with books and with diligent use of the web to explore the options that bear further examination.