Retail sales is a wonderful option for part-time work, especially at the holiday season.

Retail sales is a wonderful option for part-time work, especially during the holiday season.

Retirees have many great options for part-time jobs, particularly during the holidays when stores and businesses need extra help.

This seasonal work can help retirees earn some extra cash for their own holiday expenses, such as gifts and travel plans. Finding a job around the holidays can also lead to future part-time work during busy periods or even year-round.

Here are some seasonal jobs to consider, as well as some part-time options that may work year round:

Retail Sales - It seems holiday shopping begins earlier each year and many stores need extra help to handle the additional workload. Start by talking to managers at your favorite stores, as retail jobs often come with store discounts as well. If you want a seasonal retail job, start looking early. Most holiday employees are hired well before Thanksgiving.

Mystery Shopper - Companies often hire mystery shoppers to test the customer experience at their own stores or even check out the service offered by their competition. This is a great part-time job for retirees who love to shop, especially if they can hit the stores during quiet weekday periods. You can find reputable work and more information through the Mystery Shopping Providers Association.

Babysitter or Adult Caregiver - Parents who want a night out are happy to pay for a responsible babysitter, especially during the holiday party season or when they want to go holiday shopping without the kids. Primary caregivers for elderly or disabled adults may also need some extra help from time to time. Organizations like can help you find appropriate job opportunities.

Patient Advocate - Patient advocates offer special services for homebound individuals or those with significant medical conditions. This new field is still taking shape, but the job typically includes tasks like picking up prescriptions, arranging doctors' appointments or sorting through medical insurance issues. There are currently no state licenses or accreditation for patient advocates, but the job is becoming more common around the country.

High School Tutor - There are certainly students who need help year-round, but many students may want extra help with a new subject at the beginning of the year or just before mid-terms. The mid-point is also a great time for high school juniors to begin preparing for the March SAT. If you have the appropriate skills, you can look for a job through a tutoring company or offer your services through friends and neighbors.

Tax Preparer - After the holidays have passed, the tax season offers another great opportunity for part-time work. You don't have to be a certified public accountant (CPA) to offer tax preparation services, but you do have to be registered with the IRS and pass an IRS competency exam. Once you meet the qualifications, you can work for a franchise company, like H&R Block, or find your own clients through friends and relatives.

For many retirees, part-time jobs offer a great way to earn some extra income while working flexible hours. If you have an interesting part-time job suggestion we'd love to hear about it in the comments below.