Exercising in winter can be easy by doing these five things.
Exercising in winter can be easy by doing these five things.

As the seasons change and many areas around the country become too cold or dangerous to get outside and exercise, you are probably looking for some creative ways to stay fit. Staying fit during the winter doesn't have to be hard, you just have to find some unique ways to stay active that don't necessarily involve being outside.

Here are a few unique ideas to help keep you active during the winter:



Form or Join a Swimming Group

Swimming is one of the best exercises you can do. However, during the winter swimming can be a bit challenging. That means you will need to find an indoor swimming pool you can use. Whether that's your community pool or whether you have to join a gym, swimming is one of the most effective exercises you can do. The other complaint people often have about swimming is that it can get boring. So why not gather a group of your friends and form a swimming group that meets daily or several times each week. You can then perform some water dance routines, aerobics, or other water exercises that will help keep you fit and safe while you're exercising, not to mention how much fun you'll have.

Get Social

Join as many social groups as you can find that will help keep your mind and body active during the winter and beyond. That could be crafting, scrapbooking, chess, dominoes, bingo, etc. In addition, you could also join a Wii Fit group, go bowling, do yoga, square dancing, two-stepping, or any other type of dancing or physical activity you enjoy.

Indoor Geocaching

Geocaching is generally an outdoor sport. However, there are some places that offer indoor geocaching as well. Geocaching, in a nutshell, is a hide-and-seek game where participants use a GPS or other mobile device to find hidden items at specific locations. If your area doesn't offer indoor geocaching, you can form your own geocaching group, designate a coordinator to handle the details, then the rest of the group can go and have some fun. You can even add some of your own rules and twists to this activity to make it more interesting.

Commercial Breaks

While watching TV there are usually many commercial breaks that are, frankly, just a huge waste of time. So why not make use of that time? You could hop on the treadmill or do some walking laps around the inside of your house. You could also do some leg exercises or use some hand weights to work out your upper body. Whatever you choose to do, the idea is to get your body moving. If you do that during each commercial, you will be giving your body quick, short bursts of activity and, if you add them all up throughout the day, could easily equal a 20-minute or more daily workout.

Group Honey-Do's and More

Many activities, even unpleasant things such as housecleaning or other daily chores, can be done more quickly and can be fun if you do them with friends. So why not gather your friends and form groups such as a housecleaning, raking, mowing, folding laundry, home maintenance, etc? Everyone could go from one house to another and perform their assigned tasks. This will help get the tasks done more quickly and probably without dread because you will be doing them with friends. After all the chores are done, your group could go have lunch or attend a happy hour.

The idea is to find unique ways to stay active during the winter. Why not get together with your friends and see what other kinds of ideas you can come up with? You might be surprised at just how easy staying fit in the winter can be.