Active adult communities offer plenty of opportunities to meet new people and make meaningful relationships.

Homebuyers who opt to live in active adult communities are often choosing a lifestyle along with a new home. These communities are designed to be socially engaging with a wide range of activities and recreations. They can also be a great place for singles to meet new friends and enjoy a more active social life.

Active adult communities typically feature a clubhouse (or multiple facilities) where residents can gather for both informal and structured events. They frequently staff a full-time Activities Director who arranges a diverse social calendar, and special-interest clubs—including singles clubs—are popular places for residents to spend time with like-minded neighbors.

Residents in active adult communities tend to be open to making friends within the community. Singles can meet other residents through fitness classes, like yoga, Pilates or water aerobics. They can participate in card tournaments, take up line dancing or join a travel club. Arts and crafts studios are a great place for creative singles to meet other artistic residents, and many communities also have demonstration kitchens with classes for healthy cooking.

The winter holiday season is a particularly great time to get involved with community classes, clubs and special events. Holiday parties may include a range of events from potluck dinners and champagne brunches to holiday performances and formal dances. During the holidays, volunteer groups are often working overtime to collect donations for various charities as well. Sharing holiday cheer with neighbors often leads to making new friends or finding out about other activities and events that take place throughout the year.

When choosing an active adult community, singles may be better off choosing a larger resort-style development. Larger communities often have a wider variety of special-interest clubs, classes and events. They may also be easier to navigate socially, as smaller communities may have more fixed social groups. In a larger community, singles who have trouble connecting with one social group may find a better fit just by trying out another special-interest club.

One of the easiest ways for singles to make new friends in an active adult community is to join an active singles club. These groups may vary from one community to the next, but they generally focus on planning a wide range of activities that residents can enjoy without being part of a couple. Singles clubs might have dinners and mixers, or they may plan outings like trips for shopping, movies or other performances. Some singles clubs may also arrange weekend getaways to nearby cities or larger vacations like cruises or overseas travel.

Large communities, particularly those which are still developing, may also have a special club for new residents. Joining this group can help singles ease into the community social scene and find out about other clubs that might be appealing.

Living among peers has many benefits, particularly for older singles, but the first step to making new friends is just getting out of the house. A visit to the Activities Director can help singles find a club worth trying and just spending some free time in the clubhouse library or lounge opens up new opportunities for singles to mingle.