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Baby Boomer Music

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    by Karl Schuster on November 13th, 2017No Comments

    For most of the 20th century, phonograph records, particularly vinyl LPs and 45s, were unquestionably the most loved and popular format for one’s favorite albums and songs. At one point, nearly every household had at least a modest collection of LPs and singles along with a turntable and, just maybe, a set of decent headphones. Then, of course, there were the enthusiasts who arranged their whole living room around their quadraphonic hi-fi and would endlessly fiddle with knobs and adjustments.
    Retirees who have a passion for music or want to be surrounded by lively music should retire in active adult communities that cater to their musical hobbies and interests. Across the U.S., Boomers will find a variety of age-restricted and age-targeted developments that offer music clubs, performance venues, event lawns, theater clubs, ballrooms, and dance parties that attract the musically inclined retiree. Some of these active adult communities are also located in lively cities that are known for their world-class entertainment, festivals, and vibrant music scene. So grab your instrument of choice or dancing shoes and check out these best communities for musicians and performers.

    by Mayra Rocha on August 12th, 20162 Comments

    While Millennials have multi-day festivals and events like Coachella and Lollapalooza, Baby Boomers also have great concerts that they can check out to see their fellow Boomer musicians. Find out which of these Baby Boomers are still rockin’ and rollin’ on tour in 2016.

    by Mayra Rocha on May 10th, 2016No Comments

    Some Baby Boomers flock to retirement destinations based on affordability, climate, amenities, and type of lifestyle. But if you’re a music lover at heart then odds are you’ll want to retire in a thriving music scene no matter what. Major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago are urban epicenters for music, arts, and entertainment and draw in people of all ages from across the country. Those large and popular cities may be a bit too fast paced for some retirees but there are other great options that cater to the 55+ crowd as well as music lovers. Check out a few of these other cities that are great for retirees who love music.

    by Elliot Crumpley on January 21st, 2016No Comments

    Baby Boomers came up in a time of unparalleled chaos and prosperity, uncertainty with a healthy dose of predictability. If music is a reflection of the times, then the songs that defined the Baby Boomer generation try to make sense of the optimism, protest, and care free attitude that seemed to infuse the world around them.

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