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    With March Madness approaching, not only are Boomers setting up their winning bracket but they might also be planning to move back to their beloved college town. Retirees who are college basketball fans may want to live in or near a city that is home to their favorite college team, and luckily, many of these college towns are also great retirement destinations. These cities typically unite the community over the love of a college sport as well as offer small town vibes, an intellectual culture, and a vibrant social environment. Some cities even have a reasonable tax-climate, affordable housing, and easy access to great medical care. So if you’re looking to root for your own alma mater during college basketball season then check out these top cities to retire with great college basketball teams.

    by Mayra Rocha on October 19th, 20154 Comments

    You may not think of retiring near a college town at first, but more Baby Boomers are moving toward this idea. Choosing a college town as a retirement destination has some great benefits that appeal to many active adults. Not only does living near a college town offer retirees an active lifestyle, but it also provides an intellectually stimulating and culturally rich environment. Other factors that appeal to retirees are the low cost of living, affordable housing, tranquil natural setting, and quality health care.

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