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  • by Adam Prestigiacomo on October 16th, 2018No Comments

    Research has shown that pets are instrumental in providing mental and emotional happiness to their owners. When it comes time to start looking for a 55+ community, one of the first questions you'll likely ask yourself is what is the community's policy on pets? While most communities are welcoming to your four-legged friend(s), there are a number of pet policies that are important to know.

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  • by Mayra Rocha on February 23rd, 20172 Comments

    Baby Boomers who own pets develop a special bond. Studies have also shown that retirees who have pets in their life have a more active and healthier lifestyle as well as a more positive social environment. With so many benefits it’s easy to see why Boomers don’t want to part ways with their beloved pet when it’s time to move into an active adult community. One of the first questions many retirees ask before making their move is if the active adult community is pet friendly. More builders have taken note of the increase in active adult pet owners. There are 55+ communities across the country that welcome pet lovers and offer amenities like parks and open spaces that cater to their furry friend. While many age-restricted communities have different rules when it comes to pets, Boomers are sure to find the ideal 55-plus community that caters to pet lovers.

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  • by Brandon Olafsson on November 24th, 2016No Comments

    Many people find that when they have more time to spend, they can find companionship and appreciation in owning a pet. However, for those who don't want to deal with the constant upkeep and and high energy handling of high-maintenance pets, there are several easier options to choose from. Making the decision to own a low-maintenance pet can yield several benefits such as improvements in mental health, stress, a healthier heart, and can even help seniors take better care of themselves. Here is a list of our top pets that don't require too much time to care for, but are ideal for those looking for a new and interesting low-maintenance companion.

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  • by Elliot Crumpley on August 30th, 201619 Comments

    As we age, our needs change about most everything, including the pets that we keep. Many dog breeds are highly active, difficult to train and too hyperactive for most retirees. As you downsize your home and your life, you may reconsider the type of dog you choose.

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  • by Mayra Rocha on March 17th, 20162 Comments

    Just because you are retired doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite hobbies. If you aren’t into yoga or gardening but love animals then add a furry-friend to your hobby list to make it more interesting.

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  • by Elliot Crumpley on March 13th, 201516 Comments

    Dogs make us healthier and happier human beings, so shouldn’t we repay them by ensuring their needs are met? Thankfully, dog-owning Baby Boomers have several options when it comes to pet-friendly active adult communities. Here are some popular communities that feature dog parks and other pet friendly amenities.
  • For years, studies have analyzed the effects of pets on human health. While the results are still regarded as inconclusive by some, many point to obvious signs that pets can make their owners happier and healthier people. Here are just a few of the ways pets can improve the well-being of their owners.

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