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    Fargo is a large city in Eastern North Dakota. The city is ideal for retirees looking for the outdoor recreation of North Dakota with access to the amenities of a major metro area. Besides this, the city's local breweries, active downtown, shopping centers, and numerous museums make it a popular place to retire.

    Climate & Geography

    Fargo has a humid continental climate with hot, humid summers and very long, cold winters. With longer winters, the area receives more snow than rain, averaging nearly 50 inches of snowfall throughout the year. Residents can also expect 200 sunny days. 

    Fargo is located in the flat geographic region Red River Valley, specifically sitting on the western bank of the Red River of the North. There are seasonal floods due to the rising water of the Red River and the flat terrain. 

    Recreation, Culture, & Entertainment

    Residents looking to get outside have plenty of choices in Fargo. Dike East Park is popular for its riverside trails, and Oak Grove Park has tennis courts, trails, and picnic shelters. 

    There are several museums in Fargo for history buffs, including Fargo Air Museum, Plains Art Museum, and the Hjemkomst Center. Residents enjoy shopping at the West Acres Shopping Center, seeing the animals at the Red River Zoo, and drinking craft beers at local breweries. The Civic Center hosts major performances, and the Fargodome has concerts and sporting events. 

    Downtown Fargo has trendy restaurants, local boutiques, and a historic theater. This area also hosts seasonal festivals, tours of restaurants and bars, and concerts. 

    Cost of Living & Taxes

    The overall cost of living in Fargo is below the national average. North Dakota has a low cost of living as well, but housing prices in Fargo are slightly higher than the state average.

    North Dakota taxes Social Security benefits and all other forms of retirement income. Some pensions may be eligible for deductions of up to $5,000. Property taxes are slightly below average, and there is a property tax credit available for retirees over 65. The combined sales tax rate in Fargo is 7.5 percent.

    Health Care

    North Dakota ranks in the top 10 states on Gallup's Well-Being Index.

    There are six hospitals and medical centers in Fargo. Two of these hospitals, Sanford Medical Center Fargo and Essentia Health-Fargo, are rated high performing by U.S. News.

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