From joining new interest groups to meeting new people, these days, senior residents at retirement communities across the country are enjoying so much more than just a new home; they’re enjoying a brand new, active way of life.

Some seniors seek out retirement communities based on their incredible amenities; others, for their location and their proximity to major cities and destination towns. But recently, one major draw for active adult communities has been something different altogether: on-site centers for continued education.

Here are 3 incredible benefits of seeking continued education programs post retirement:

  1. Keep your mind active: While you might consider anything from yoga to aerobics to keep your body active, when you continue your education after retirement, you’re working to keep your mind active. Whether you’re interested in earning a brand new degree or just taking a few courses on the weekends, continuing your education helps you become engaged, stay alert, and maintain a healthy mind.
  2. Meet new people: Not only does continuing your education keep your mind active, but it also allows you to get to know new members of your community. Once you begin taking classes – no matter which academic specialty you decide to pursue – it won’t be long until you begin to make friends with others who share your interests.
  3. Learn something new: Have you always been a history buff, but never known quite as much as you’d like about literature? Are you interested in learning even more about using the computer? While many active adults continue their education post retirement to complete their initial degree or to build upon their previous area of interest, one amazing benefit of heading back to the books is gaining the opportunity to learn something totally new.

No matter what your area of interest, no matter what your schedule, by dedicating yourself to continuing your education after retirement, you’ll come to enjoy these incredible benefits and so many more! To learn more about which retirement communities offer on-site continued education learning centers, visit our homepage!