Many of our prospective residents come to us wondering what exactly the phrase "senior communities" entails. Their old communities were connected by shared memories, friendship and trust – there's much more to a community than simply being the same age and living in close proximity. Do active senior communities really help residents form genuine friendships, or are senior communities really just senior neighborhoods?

We can assure you, the active senior communities listed in 55 Places are exactly what they promise they'll be – thriving, welcoming societies enriched with real relationships. Don't expect to move into an impersonal "old folks home" – the active senior communities we sponsor encourage and foster the development of meaningful, lasting connections.

Unlike just any old neighborhood, these active senior communities often have resources to welcome you to the neighborhood and engage you within the community. Many residences even have a full-time Activities Director on staff, or a welcome committee full of your new neighbors. There's no shortage of opportunities for socialization and community building, whether you decide you'd like to meet people by joining a club, knowing you'll automatically share a common interest, or by utilizing community amenities like the pool or the gym.

Five Reasons People Choose Active Senior Communities

  1. Senior communities are a place where retirees can enjoy cultural and education activities with like-minded individuals at their own leisure.
  2. Moving to an active senior community can mean making new friends, meeting a significant other or meeting other couples who enjoy the same activities you and your spouse do.
  3. Oftentimes, the activities offered at senior communities are held throughout the day allowing residents to keep a fulfilling social life upon retiring.
  4. Our active senior communities are fun and inviting places for retirees’ family members and outside friends to meet and do active things together like golf, dine, shop, and even peruse wine and craft beer festivals. Some of our communities even hold annual music festivals.
  5. With subdivisions across the U.S., relocating to one our active senior communities can be a nice change of pace whether home buyers are looking to relocate somewhere with a moderate climate that is closer to family, or that offers the unique amenities they desire.