Aging gracefully. We’ve always wondered – what exactly does this phrase really mean? What we do know is that whoever said it obviously wasn’t faced with the task of searching for the best place to retire.

Here at, we know that you have countless things to deal with while you prepare for retirement, and keeping track of these things can be difficult. It’s for that exact reason that we strive to make finding the best place to retire as easy and as convenient as possible.

We urge you to think about where the best place to retire is before you begin researching individual communities. For some, it’s on the sunny beaches of California or the coastal waters of the Carolinas or the snow covered mountains of Nevada. For others, the best place to retire is within close proximity to family, friends, and loved ones. Whether your perfect day entails kayaking and grabbing a cheeseburger with your grandchildren, or laying outside with a good book and an ice-cold glass of sweet tea, one thing is certain: the amount of states with active adult communities to choose from can be overwhelming.

To find the best place to retire, start by utilizing our interactive map found here. Click on any of the red states to learn more about each area, and why we think it just might be the best place to retire for you. Here you’ll find useful information about local attractions, nightlife, scenery, and even the average cost of living. This ensures that you don’t waste valuable time visiting countless websites to find the information you’re looking for.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a handful of states, you’re ready to start researching communities.  Each state page on our website has two tabs: one contains general information about the state, and the other provides detailed information on all of the active adult communities within the state. Take time to learn about each community, and what makes each unique from all the others. Try putting together a list of must-haves. Does the community have an activities directory? Is the community age-restricted? Are there a variety of floorplans available? Do the amenities include an exercise facility and spa?

With minimal effort on your part combined with our interactive and informative website, we promise that you’ll be able to find the very best place to retire. And when you’ve found a selection of communities that match your list of must-haves, just give one of our professional partner agents a call.

Whether you’ve always dreamed of retiring on the warm west coast or you just can’t get enough of the east coast city life, with the help of, you’ll be relaxing with new friends in no time. To learn more about 55 Places or to start your search for the best place to retire today, visit us at