We know that after countless years as professionals, residents in 55 and older communities are looking to socialize in new, exciting ways. Moving to a new city or state oftentimes means leaving behind treasured friends and long-time colleagues. So what is a new retiree to do? 

Not only do 55 and older communities offer residents fun activities and ease of access to local amenities in some of the country’s most beautiful areas, they also serve as a venue for meeting new people and revealing untapped hobbies post retirement. Whether you are a fine wine connoisseur or an avid explorer, chances are favorable that you will find a new friend or significant other with similar interests at one of the many 55 and older communities we specialize in.

One of the tremendous perks residents at 55 and older communities experience is the gift of new friendships that enrich their lives. Not only do studies show that socialization contributes to a person’s overall happiness, they show that it provides numerous health benefits that range from improved cognition and life expectancy to lower stress and blood pressure. 

Improved Cognition:

Who knew? Playing a game of cards with your grandchildren or hiking a nearby trail every morning with your spouse improves your brain’s cognitive ability. Increasing evidence supports that even minor social interactions like these dramatically improve our brain’s ability to think, reason, and remember. If you find yourself growing tired of day-to-day social activities, keep in mind that 55 and older communities can offer you new ways of socializing that you might not have otherwise considered.

Improved Life Expectancy:

Let’s face it; everyone wants to live a long life. But what you probably don’t know is that socializing helps you do just that: live longer. Evidence supports that whether with family or friends, or through new activities like exercising and volunteering, socialization increases life expectancy. 55 and older communities are a great place to socialize. Most communities offer fun fitness classes, inter-faith activities, and countless group gatherings that you can join at the drop of a hat. There is something for everyone, even golf aficionados.   

Decreased Stress and Blood Pressure:

It is no surprise that the culprit of poor health is stress. High stress contributes to a vast array of health problems ranging from headache to vascular deterioration, even anxiety, sadness, and depression. Pair these with aging and you have a lethal concoction that contributes to unfavorable health. Aging alone can present you with a whole new level of stress. The social opportunities that 55 and older communities offer residents help them cope with daily stressors and age healthfully. Sometimes the best way to cope with stress is to make new friends. This is something 55 and older communities aim to make easy.

New friends and socialization opportunities await you! If you are considering moving to a 55 and older community or simply have more questions about the 55 and older communities we specialize in, contact us today.