As America's senior population swells to an unprecedented volume -- 62 million seniors in all, almost double the senior population at the turn of the century -- retirement communities are revamping their standards to become increasingly attractive to this new generation of dynamic, diverse seniors. At, we associate with retirement communities which offer enriched lifestyle choices to keep seniors active, social, and thriving in their communities.

But for many boomers, the very thought of retiring and moving into retirement communities feels unnatural. After decades of hard work, child rearing and independence, moving into an "old folks' home" may seem depressing and dull. A life of full leisure just isn’t typically built into the hardworking Boomers’ mentality.

Thankfully, retirement communities of the modern age are contemporary, sophisticated facilities designed to accommodate active lifestyles and continuing education -- more like resorts than the gloomy, industrialized facilities of decades past. From lectures given by university professors to lavish spas and sports venues, modern retirement communities offer seniors opportunities to flourish in the best places to retire on earth.

Looking for the Best Place to Retire?

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Information on housing markets, active adult communities, and neighborhood amenities is just a click away. Whether you envision the best place to retire as being near the ocean or in an area that receives twenty-four-seven sunshine, we have you covered from the East Coast to the West Coast.

Not only are our partner agents versed in top-of-the-line real estate within the areas they serve, but also many of them have expansive knowledge of post-retirement finance, general contracting, and home renovation.

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