From golf to swimming to aerobics classes, those looking for the best place to retire are often looking for a new home in which to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

These days, retirement communities across the country are offering more and more options for those who hope to focus a little more on fitness. Many offer beginner’s yoga, weekly hiking groups, or beautiful indoor gymnasiums; others provide their residents with outdoor pools, biking trails, and incredible 16-hole golf courses.

And though any fitness opportunity can be a good one to take, one new exercise trend that has been making its way into many retirement community fitness programs is something altogether different: Chair Pilates.

Originating from a fitness system that places emphasis on flexibility, balance, and muscle toning, Chair Pilates is an exercise routine that combines the healthy physical benefits of typical Pilates with the safety and comfort of an active adult fitness program.

In many cases, Chair Pilates class instructors will begin by teaching interested seniors the ins and outs of a strong Pilates foundation; senior residents will learn the basics, from general principles to health benefits to beginner’s movements.

From there, seniors will begin their Pilates training. By using a sturdy chair as a key tool and a method for balance, seniors will sit, stand behind, and utilize the chair during their work out. Through the use of various repeated arm movements, small weights and bands, and muscle strengthening techniques, Chair Pilates participants will be able to physically challenge themselves in a safe environment with an exciting, new fitness routine.

Though there are several wonderful exercise programs offered at retirement communities across the country, by staying active with Chair Pilates, you’ll be able to strengthen your muscles, work on your balance, and meet new people along the way!

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