Those brochures you’ve read? They’re incomplete.

Advertising materials for active senior communities often ignore the features that matter most to you. Oh, sure, they’ll tell you the square footage of the community’s newest fitness center. But does exercising in a 15,000 sq. ft. fitness center really feel tangibly better than exercising in a 12,000 sq. ft. fitness center?

Probably not.

So why does the sheer enormity of the gym get featured so prominently in the brochure?

Because that’s how marketing works. These brochures are intended to help senior communities compete with one another for your business. They want to highlight information that’s directly comparable from community to community, like the size of certain exercise facilities, or the number of holes in a golf course.

But what about the basic features that are so important that nearly every community offers them? If you’re doing your research from brochures, you might never hear about these more standard amenities—telling you about them wouldn’t help any one community gain a competitive edge. That’s no problem, though. You’ve come to the right place.

Below are three things no one has told you about those active senior communities you’re considering.

#1: They have a guard. Or several.

Many active senior communities are gated, but what they don’t always tell you is that often security guards, sometimes 24/7, protect the gates. That means when you wake up early and go for a walk around your neighborhood, there’s no reason to worry about whom you might run into.

#2: You can finally ditch your car—for a golf cart.

Tired of paying $4 per gallon to fill up your car? Start driving a golf cart instead. Golf carts are street-legal in most active senior communities, so you can zip back and forth between the club and your home all day without having to fire up your car.

#3: ‘Exterior maintenance’ includes more than you think.

You probably know that active senior communities have maintenance teams. But when they say they’ll take care of your exterior maintenance, they really mean it. As expected, they’ll paint your house once a year, but they may also mow your lawn every week, and shovel snow every single day during the winter so slipping and falling is never an issue.

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